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Through The Gateway With Tyler Marolf Of The In Between

By Johnny Firecloud,


When there's such a wealth of new music out there, how does The In Between stand out?

Real Rock and Roll always stands apart.

There's a depth of soul to your vocals that a majority of singers have to do a bit of faking to achieve. How did you develop your technique?

A mixture of heartache, debauchery, love, and slowly figuring out how to project my voice over the sound of a 50-watt half-stack.

How do you prepare your voice for recording or a show?


What artists most influence your sound?

Free, Freddie King, The Black Keys, Jack White, Paul Kossoff, Billy Gibbons, AC/DC, Zep...

How was the video-making experience? Any highlight moments?

The video was a whirlwind that was absolutley fantastic. Creating the concept, shooting it, and then post production in less than 10 days was insane. Everyone on set was a total pro and very talented. The whole thing was a highlight to me. I'm sure we'll post some behind the scenes footage soon.

Who's that gorgeous girl in the video?

Actually there are two gorgeous girls in the video. Jenna is the first girl and Melissa the last. Both were breathtaking and so fun to work with.

Is it true you have a home studio? If so, can you walk us through the features?

Just a basic DIGI-002 Mac / Pro Tools rig that I try to make sound as analog as possible. Mainly used for demoing out our new songs and for teaching my students at the Los Rios Rock School about basic recording and songwriting. Everything in the live room sounds old and big.

Do you concern yourself with the evolving industry? Any thoughts on the state of the business side of the music world, as it stands now?

I believe with real songs, tenacity and some decent business sense a project can become as big as you can dream it. It takes time, perseverance and certainty.

For the artist, it really seems to be coming down to touring and putting out a quality product. The good music will speak for itself.

The "good music" does speak for itself. I believe there are many platforms to get the product out there especially during its early years. All depends on how one can generate momentum. To think there is only one way would be very limiting. I will say this, playing live for the fans has the biggest impact on both myself and the fans. When the art comes from deep within, it's contagious.

Where do you hope to take your sound in the future?

Our sound takes us. We write and play what we love. I have noticed our new material is taking on its own identity which we are thouroughly enjoying.

What does the rest of the year look like for you guys?

Couple more songs to finish up. Hopefully pre-production on the new album in January. Local shows in November and December.

What do you say to someone just getting started in music and has the passion, but doesn't know how to put a song together?

If what you are writing makes the hairs on your neck stand up you're most likely on the right path. Make it your story. Make it real.