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Stevie Nicks Is Having Another Acid Flashback

Fleetwood Mac, STFU


I don’t know who Kim Stolz is, except for that she works for MTV and is a contributing writer for the beacon of journalistic accomplishment that is Huffpo (that sarcasm font ready yet?). I also know that her writing is on par with that of a retarded chimpanzee – but that’s another issue entirely. Miss Stolz recently interviewed classic rock relic Stevie Nicks on the state of the music industry, its relation to the digital revolution, and whether or not all these tech advancements are “worth it” in the grand scheme of evolving interpersonal communication.

Stevie Nicks

In last week’s interview, Nicks trotted out the sour-grapes form complaint that the digital revolution is ruining the music industry, and kids have no real grasp of what true rock music is anymore. Finally getting to her product pitch, she explained that part of the reason for releasing her new Live In Chicago DVD was to show the kids a “real rock show”.

What Miss Stolz fails to point out is that Nicks, in her state of complete irrelevance in today’s music scene, has no concept of what a real rock show is in today’s world. She may have been the reigning Queen of Cocaine and pre-disco shimmer pop back in the ’60s and early ’70s, but those days are buried under the detritus of several younger musical movements, most of which passed like farts in the wind. Buried with them is the ideology that rock stars are entitled to a mythical status, a godlike level of adoration, a misplaced sense of self-worth. The middleman is a dying breed, as are the distractions and detractions he represents to the music world.

Unsurprisingly, in the interview, the way-way-past-her-prime singer (who was recently on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon casting “good energy spells” on the host) raged against the digital transition, promising that ”downloads are the end.” The end of what, exactly, remains unclear, although Stolz goes on to bemoan the “utter destruction of the music scene.”

Funny – from where I’m standing, the music scene looks more alive, thriving and vibrant than ever before. The playlists that sit on my iPod are more varied than ever before, as are those of my friends. Sure, the industry’s pampered relics are rallying against the changing of the guard, but when the music itself once again returns to central importance, rather than the musical product it was replaced by so very long ago, we will look back on this period as the Great Tipping Point in music.

Nicks goes on in the piece, sharing her unabashed loathing for social networking and convenience of collective awareness: ”You will never see a Stevie Nicks Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or anything else, because I think it’s cheap and it’s sleazy and I hate it!” Except oops, wait, what’s that?

It’s at this point where Miss Stolz shows her sham journalistic colors, musing on the horrors that would’ve unfolded “if Romeo could have just texted Juliet,” and the death of romanticism itself rather than exploring just what it is about the internet that frightens and disgusts the sexagenarian. What’s interesting, and another point that Stolz fails to point out, is that without the internet Stevie Nicks’ words wouldn’t be reaching anyone at all. She’s two generations past her prime, and the market value for the musings of 25% of a band nearly four decades old isn’t hitting any highs these days (shut up McCartney, you’re the exception- not the rule).


Let’s be clear: Stevie is part of a beautiful piece in the classic tapestry of Rock ‘n Roll. Fleetwood Mac was a band our parents smoked their first joints to, learned how to drive to, conceived us to. Their albums, her chief contributions to the music world, are undiminished by her antiquiated philosophies and social ideals. But five years from now you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone under 40 who’s seen the Live In Chicago DVD, because Nicks represents a different time, a simpler time, a time wildly alien to the present state of music.

However, if she were to put out a five-song EP for free, maybe rerecord and reclaim Landslide from King Pumpkin and Bush’s favorite country bumpkins, adding a cover/collaboration and perhaps even a new jam or two, she’d be the talk of the town. She’s made her millions- she should be moving to set an example these days, not standing on the shoreline rallying against the inevitable tide.

Raging against the internet while trying to get the message out to kids about her new DVD seems wildly backhanded, given that the internet is very likely the only reason any “kids” know about her at all. If she’d leave her yupsy (gypsy yuppie) ideals behind and gave some thought to leaving the past there as well, she could very well be seen as the Cool Grandma of Rock, a bridge between the old guard and modern trends & technologies. The kids would take notice. Hell, if all it took was a click or two they might even give the old lady a chance- provided that their parents were nowhere in earshot, of course.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Juliette says:

    Well said, as awlays, Johnny… :)

    You’d think that being a part of an album that has sold around 30 million copies (and not to mention that nearly ever damn song on “Rumours” was and still is on the radio)
    would make you less grumpy, but I guess not.

    • Bella says:

      Stevie is a legend. I feel sad that you would write such a degrading article on such a great legend. You do not have the right. Should be deleted. She has every reason to be angry at the music industry these days. Everyone thinks music is free. Someone has to write it, record it, turn it into a saleable product – you think we do it all just for the love of it? It’s our life. If you want to hear great music, from great musicians, people these days need to be aware that great bands take years to turn out great records time and time again. That takes money. How do we make money? Record sales. No record sales? You just end up with mostly what you have these days. Fly by night, crap bands with crap songs that die a fast, sad expensive death. You are obviously not a working musician. And quit dissin’ on Stevie.

      • lauren says:

        Ridiculous comment. If you aren’t doing it for the love of the music then you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Period.

        • lauren says:

          Ridiculous comment. If you aren’t doing it for the love of the music then you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Period. Maybe if there was less money in it then the market wouldn’t be flooded with crap.

  2. Kenneth says:

    Honestly, Stevie Nicks is the LAST GREAT LADY of ROCK… She may be topping any charts right now, but she laid the path for so very many that her influences can still be heard in HONEST MUSIC. She’s been around for how long? She was around before you learned what a computer was and in years, when your silly blog is forgotten, she will still be VERY well known… You and your bitter-nirvana-outcast lot will fall to the wayside, but there will always be The ROck N Roll Gypsy. That’s fact.

  3. Alan says:

    Stevie Nicks is a living legend. Apparently, you are under the age of 30, most likely 20-25 years of age. At 41, I appreciate the old and the new. Without the old, there would be no new. I, too, hate MySpace and Twitter, a complete waste of time. I text and e-mail and that’s about it. Don’t forget these Cool Grandmas and Grandpas laid the foundation on which all these new artists have built.

  4. Skwerl says:

    your presumptions are incorrect.

  5. SchooledSkank-You says:

    First of all nothing she’s done or whatever musical days gone past are “buried”.

    Music lives on, good music does. Also, you dont really know what you’re talking about as Stevie’s period of fame spands a looong time. Starting from about the MID 70′s and on into the 80′s with her solo work, NOT in the 60′s as you state. Stevie was a waitress living with Lindsey paying their dues as all great rock acts do.

    He career spans beyond the 80′s also as in the 90′s with the Mac reunion and newer albums that do make an impact in the charts at the time of their releases. They sell out concerts still so that comment about relevance is irrelevant.

    The narrow mindness and lack of fully understanding popular or any music is its core power and ability to transcend time. I really dislike, no despise the use of the word “relevance” and or irrelevance when describing any musical artist or band or musicians. Its like saying musicians only should last a short while and their music does not live on.

    I also despise your or anyone’s usage of age-discrimantory language like “way-past-her-prime”. It shows how people or supposed “fans” and lovers of music dislike or have very little respect for older more experienced people. You are wet behind the ears, so much so that you’re not listening closely as a result. You’ll be past your prime sooner than you think. You WILL be antiquated one day soon.

    Im not in my 60′s or rather a sexagenarian (as you put in a nice age-dicriminatory way) but I would think they have nothing to fear about what you so covet. You’re generation has nothing of true value and you will look back one day and see this is true. People of that age are most likely more fearless and less offended at little snot noses like you. You’re giving you and your kind waaay to much credit, please.

    You, “digital revolutionary” will one day be of an older age, time flies, you will find yourself buried under your own bullshit attitude, perhaps regretful you ever disrespected or put others down because they were old, whatever that means. Your soc.ial sites and new evolving interpersonal communication technologies and iphones and ipods will one day look like a farce and be even more ridiculed by idiot kids just like your kind today. That disrespect never changes, so short-sighted to not realize what music truly is about. You will most likely have nothing to give future music performers as reference or something to really covet.

    Now, the digital transition happened in the early 80′s with the CD. So the true digital revolution then is old by your standards.

    Digital downloads are the end. When there is no money to be made from real rock, in terms of the genre we’re discussing, no real LIVELY hood to sustain real musicians or real bands or real talent, then its not worth it. Because most acts today, and this started sometime in the mid to late 90′s in many genre’s of popular music are fabricated and their music prepared for pretty kids. A real band or recording artists needs to develop overtime, talent needs patience to mature and dedication and belief in a band or artist, to support them as they persue something meaningful to do or say musically.

    The “utter destruction of the music scene” is true. Because the music scene as it once was for the most part nurtured musicians for the long haul. With the digital “revolution” that accelerated music consumption, peer to peer destroyed the potential of real musicians to make significant contributions. Its all about fast consumption. Pop music acts now use publicity, jumping on stages taking mics away, getting involved in setups, because you can drop an itunes single and then after a week or two, kids forget you. This is what your interpersonal communication digital revolution” has brought. And the conglomerates love it! They save money, offer flavor of the months with little investment in time! They just have “kewl” marketing teams fabricating idols and no record studios but laptop recording studios on the go or in cubicles pumping out awful songs made on the fly with ProTools and very untalented mediocre producers. That changing of the guard ARE those congolomorates with new cost effective ways of distributing music. The napsters and iPods spoiled kids into thinking they SHOULD HAVE 5,000 songs rather than a few songs they worked hard for and truly listened to music that really enriched their lives. Now, its fast, skip and next and more and more and more from torrents and other “sharing”.

    THATS what she’s complaining about, and there’s no way to stop it. I agree with her, MySpace is cheap, its crass, its meaningless and making something clean visually and hip like Twitface and Facehook doesnt make it any different. Where’s the individuality? The pursuit of originality? The land of the brave that were not scared to stand alone. Its so… high school.

    Collective awareness? Are you describing social online clubs as something more that its not? Collective awareness?

    And no, not all our parents smoked joints or SNORTED COCAINE like your parents did. My parents didnt even know who Fleetwood were, I simply discovered them on my own and fell in love with their songs.

    If five years comes around and no one under 30 knows of her Live In Chicago DVD its because the conglomerates moved onto the next thing they could squeeze quick bucks on and thats the way it works now. If Nicks releases a DVD now, you know its for her core fans and she’s under some professional obligation to promote it and part of that promotion ends up being the internet.

    The kids would not notice her current work, thats not how it works. Kids look for new and in their age group acts when first discovering music. Then as they grow older and more sophisticated they will or MIGHT venture into more music if not a slave to a system of new-new-new and fear of being oneday referred to as a yupsy (lame and not too clever a term by the way).

    Remember one day you’re going to be OLD, respect your elders, you’re not immune to time, music is.

  6. Bella says:

    It would seem as though you’re one of those people whom I cannot stand who presumes untrue things about a past they know nothing about. It’s only natural for ANYONE Stevie’s age to rebel against the technological age because it is unfamiliar to them. And clearly, you’re WRONG about how in five years there’s not going to be anyone out there under thirty who’s seen her DVD, I’m 17 and I OWN it. Not my parents, me. Because Stevie Nicks is rock and roll defined in it’s truest form. Stevie has said herself one of her favorite groups is Maroon 5-not that you’d pay any attention to that because you’re so gung-ho on slashing and bashing all that is unfamiliar to you. Look up the meaning of the word “respect” in Webster’s-maybe you could learn a thing or two from reading the bible. Stevie Nicks may not be everything you admire, but she’s still to be respected. She still is, after all, your elder.

  7. Pitbossing says:

    Simpler time???
    You got to be joking. Get your tete out of yer butt

  8. @Schooled Skank – man, you’d be better off taking whatever the hell that book was that you just wrote and starting your own site. Your comment was about twice as long as the piece itself.

    @Bella – What in the hell does the bible have to do with this? Let’s not drag our invisible cloud people into the fight, because this will get ugly. I went to great lengths to praise her contributions to the music world, which were roughly a quarter century or more ago. Her antiquated comments and beliefs don’t deserve respect simply because she’s “your elder”. Old people are not by rule wise old sages kicking knowledge to the whippersnappers. The vast majority of them cling to old standards, desperately afraid of the rising tide that will flow unaltered long after they’re gone. And you’re welcome to enjoy the Stevie Nicks DVD. But you’re a very rare exception to the rule of youth.

    • J Ford says:

      I sat here in utter disbelief as this person (digital age…its probably one of *ahem* todays poetic prolific singer/songwriters with their amazing talent for captivating generationS with the whole claim of…omg she wrote that song just for me….while selling out solo and her other bands shows…Brittney, is that you? Madonna?) Stuck their foot in their ass…and put the other in his mouth…then completely short circuited.
      Everyone is lined up to cover one of her songs…12 year old girls love her…and so do 70yr old men and women…and all in between. The author of this clueless bitter, *retarded* (btw, nice analogy…special needs people everywhere…listen to this jerk) article…must have found out Landslide or I Sing For The Things…wasn’t written about him…or another drag queen at Night Of A 1,000 Stevies had on the same Rumors Era Rhiannon get up…or won 1st place in the same Stand Back cape…
      Who knows? Probably some lunatic right wing nut wanting to cash in on her works…and is furious over artists rights…and ownership of their own songs…sheesh.
      You, kid…layoff the X or Pipe…and crank up your stereo…but lower the bass a bit to hear the vocals…wait, you might not want to hear the words because you can’t understand them anyway.

      Oh, forgot this part…

      I ran in some of the same circles with Stevie during 80s and 90s into the early millennium.
      Yeah, she’s a multi millionare. She is very humble, really funny…and is true to word…she hated beepers/pagers/cell phones…and writes letters instead of emails. She hates making videos until the upcoming album, which, by the way, has industry leaders calling out, Grammy! She loves people…and never turns away a fan that approaches her in public…and she spreads the wealth by tipping $100 smack on a $30 bill…she was sad when me or anybody told her their woes…she always looks directly in your eyes when conversing …and is always interested in what you have to say…
      In closing, I have a website…in case this response is too long. I’m Catholic, Stevie is Episcopalian.
      and its not nice to spew venom at a lady that invests millions on our soldiers via ipods…and hand delivers them…and brings musical accompanying folks some times…or will sit with a mortally wounded soldier, 2 days from the frontlines…for hours she will listen until they stop shaking…
      why am I telling off an ignorant arrogant dumb web baby? Probably because I hate when people that post should do their homework…
      Now, Im almost at the gate of a friends house and I’ve ignored the lady driving me. Bad manners, bad social graces…bad all over. How did I get here? Oh, someone emailed me this stupid link.
      Anyway, dismissed. You are boring.

  9. David Coffin says:

    cheap talk! from someone who has never put out a cd or record, and has no idea of just how hard the music industry is on a rock star, stevie says if the public don’t get a clue of whats happening in the music industry, then there will be no new music in the future, i say rap raguy and hip hop is the down fall of the music industry! its not realey music,not just my apendion ether,David*

  10. Ok, you’re saying if the labels don’t profit, there will be no new music recorded anywhere. And if black people keep making music, they’ll kill it for everyone. That’s what you’re saying, right? Cause…. damn, dude. You’re a fucking asshole.

    • David says:

      i said nothing about blacks….! “you did” now whos the ass hole, and because you bought it up your the racest…!

    • Daniel Joseph says:

      Okay fired cloud I see now that you’re turning this into a race thing. This is what it’s been all about from the beginning. You don’t like Stevie Nicks because she’s white

  11. pupo says:

    Johnnny, respspcet yur ellders, you here me?? we’re haviung enuff of a hard time wiriting on this things (ol’ ladie sez it’s calld computeir or somthin)…off to here some good ol’ fleatwood…

  12. David Coffin says:

    Granted mis nicks don’t reolize it’s not safe for kids to be out side anylonger! so thay stay inside on there computer’s, Stevie just don’t understand this because shes so protected in her life, maybe she’s reflecting on her sheltered life by wanting the kids to enjoy out side life she never had,but is mis nicks computer litterate yes i know for a fact she owned before she sold most of her stiff while down sizeing, that she owned a computer room with three computers in it and one if not more lap top computers, chris issaac has been herassing her on the internet by sending personal messages to mis nicks, i beleave thats why she say’s she don’t own a computer now days or a cell phone,as for black music in the 50′s 60′s black music was listen to by most of the white comunity, it was called oldies and hip hop back then,some of the great’s listen to black music like elvis, buddy holly and many more as i did too, it was the foundation of rock and roll music we have today but its being lost rock is,even classic rock is being lost, i beleave this is what mis nicks is geting at? i still say that the blacks have turned the tables on rock and roll and rock will be changed forever with there rap music no new black rock artis are on the rise,this mean’s we mite lose or forget what real rock and roll is? some rock has turned to rock abilley, if rock is lost then our rock shaking ass slinging music will be gone forever, and the music industry as mis nicks was refuring to won’t back the rapers because thay can’t fill a venue for 2 1/2 hours like a rock star can, i hope this defends mis nicks out look on the subject although im not speaking for mis nicks she wouldent want me talking for her, but i will defend her point of view being her boyfriend of many years now!David Coffin*

  13. Mthrfkr says:

    Screw those waxing nostalgic. It is clear to those not emo attached to Nicks that your post was well constructed. You have a new fan and this release is one of the reasons why.

  14. paula garcia says:

    Not standing up for anyone but ME,iv’e been a nick’s fan for sooo long and followed fleetwood mac and love the music they have given us.Honestly my opinion is nobody can realy be bothered to sit down these days and write their original music like miss Nick’S did and still does to this day,i loved her live in chicago in 2009.I don’t think im quite past it yet im 38yrs young and in my heart of hearts iv’e got to agree that music these days is all about the money and doing covers to get them into production as fast as possible,stevie is a legend in my eyes and her music tells you the story,and what an achievement to be in the rock and roll hall of fame,so much talent and her music is timeless so get a grip all you assholes nick’s is right screw twitter and facebook it’s total bullshit.Where is real talent today??? Stevie has it and that’s a fact.

  15. Kevin says:

    Holy fuck, why can’t anyone spell?

    • Kelly King says:

      She is a legend. I’m 49 yrs. old and I to this day when asked who I think is one of the greatest artist of all times will say Stevie Nicks. Think about all the songwriting
      and singing she did back in the good ole days, without cellphones, texting,twitter,
      facebook, or any computers.

  16. justcallmelater says:

    Stevie Nicks needs to give it up. The only place the old hag performs anymore is where people are drunk so when she misses a line, no one really cares. Andy Williams is still popular in his particular genre too and Nicks needs to cop a clue and perhaps Fleetwood Mac could sing with him in Branson. Nicks is completely full of herself, has ruined people’s lives in her selfish lifestyle and has never even tried to make it right, but instead whimpers that now her enemies on Facebook, Myspace,, etc. are able to make their opinions known and the poor little rich girl doesn’t like it. Tsk tsk. She told me once that she’s changed and it was a stupid thing to say to a journalist because I’ve been digging into her life. There is not one shred of evidence that she’s a witch except for black clothing which coincides with her selfish attitude and black is slimming for the woman who’s only concern has been with her appearance. The witch thing is fake. She does nothing for anyone without marketing her product, not even in Walter Reed. There’s a veteran nearby who told me a story about how she lied to him, gave him her phone number to call if he needed help and the boy is permanently disabled now and her mother said Stevie doesn’t want to talk to him. Two witnesses who are successful business people and attend some 40 concerts a year, saw Stevie Nicks beside another rock star who was snorting what looked like cocaine. For a woman who claims to hate drugs, she sure hangs out with a lot of drug addicts. Reprise Records publicist Liz Rosenberg had no comment to the accusation and hung up when questioned. What Stevie Nicks really doesn’t like about the Internet is that her lies are unraveling. She’s a washed up old rock star and thanks to technology, her evil antics in messing with her fans just for kicks is coming back to haunt her. The old hag lived for fun back in the day and never gave a thought to the consequences as she and her brother smashed car windows, dropped LSD, kicked the crap out of loyal fans and accused innocent young people of stalking just for the pure fun of it. Now she performs with nice kids like Taylor Swift to gain some nice reputation and it’s far too late. The reason why the media calls her a witch is because they can’t use the B-word.

    • Daniel Joseph says:

      This is to just call me later. You are talking out of your ass. And I can call you a dumb bitch because you are one. Stevie never said she was a witch, that’s what idiots like you believed. Get it bitch?

  17. william bryant says:

    justcallmelater stand on your head bacause you talk out your ass you stupid FUCK

  18. David Coffin says:

    only a fool would call mis nicks a hag, or your jellous of her fame, give it up she won’t ever give it up till she drop’s dead on stage her words not mine! and for those of you who hate her fame find another site and singer to odore, and leave mis nicks alone got it,,,,! she dont want your money or attention, i will say im sick of this buckingham nicks shit, its old and forgoten by mis nicks, it will never happen mis nicks is happy with David Coffin her old flame, Enough Said..! ask mis nicks for a follow up because ill not respond to any….!

  19. cookie monster says:

    i think music today could use more artists who carry themselves in the fashion of Stevie Nicks. she’s a f-cking icon man! what she represents in rock n roll is what madonna represents in pop (and yes, Gaga is brilliantly channeling that image and would ya look at that, the pop-industry is dominating right now).

    no, i may not agree with Nick’s every statement, and i certainly don’t hang on her every word. BUT the way she probably sees it is, in the days where pure rock n roll outweighed the electronic, auto-tune enhanced garbage that saturates a market where the acoustic sounds of acts like Simon & Garfunkel once reigned, they didn’t need twitter, facebook, myspace, or the internet at all to get themselves heard. it was a golden era, it will never be matched.

    Fleetwood Mac, or just Nicks singularly, played a huge roll in that era and reached global success without the means of the watered-down technology that many artists will agree is killing the industry, turning it into a singles-based market where people hear what they want to and disregard the rest. the artist’s true frame of expression is ignored because more often than not, we aren’t buying entire albums, we’re purchasing singles, or, even worse, we’re stealing their music.

    so, don’t bash Nicks so hard man. She’s kind of right.

  20. Florin says:

    The only good critique is the constructive one, and you article is not doing that at all. I’m regret losing time reading you ‘article’, and that’s the only reason I’m wasting more to leave you a comment.

  21. Daniel Joseph says:

    I don’t know who you are Johnny Firewood. You obviously have no taste in music. Stevie Nicks is a legend! Her lyrics were awesome and yes she’s getting a little bit older but you can also read those lyrics in one of her songs. She doesn’t proclaim to be a Lady Gaga or a Britney Spears or a ridiculous R&B singer who has to show cleavage just to get people to watch their shows. This girl is the best and you can bash on her all you want but there’s nothing like classic rock and never will be anything that’s even remotely close to being as good as Fleetwood Mac or Stevie’s solo albums for that matter. You can have your Johnny firewood and light a match to it for all I care. Your opinions sucks and I imagine that you probably do too.F-off! Stevie rocks and always will!!

  22. Daniel Joseph says:

    Now I see where you’re coming from Johnny. You’re turning this into a race thing not because you don’t like Stevie Nicks as a great artist that she is but because she’s white, gorgeous, rich, and definitely one of the very best rock and rollers that ever lived. She doesn’t sing like Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson and that’s probably why you don’t like her. She doesn’t do R&B although I don’t think she has anything against that. She doesn’t like social networking and she has a good point because it’s a bunch of bull shit. I know because I have facebook and twitter and even though it does have some value you see a lot of families fighting on these over nothing. They do cause harm to people and I didn’t even mention my space. That’s my opinion and Stevie’s opinion. You’re obviously a racist and a damned idiot. So don’t go hating Stevie just because you’re a moron. If you don’t like her just STFU! How’s my spelling?

  23. justcallmelater says:

    I apologize to Stevie, concerning being a washed up old rock star and a hag. She’s a sweety. Can’t erase what either of us did in the past though. That’s certain. Stevie’s releasing a new CD in May 2011, entitled “In Your Dreams” with the song, “Secret Love.” You can preorder the CD on Nicks Fix. Also, there appears to be a movie of her being released with the CD. Now, this summer, there will be the North American tour with Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart. That information may also be found on Nicks Fix. As to my “delusions,” the VA put me on morphine and combine that with some amnesiac memories that were coming back, things got rather confusing and Stevie wouldn’t talk to me. It turns out that Stevie actually helped me get my first job as a journalist long ago, so I need to repay her kindness and admit that I was wrong about her. Much of that stuff I wrote about is true, but Stevie doesn’t do drugs and I’ve helped Reprise and WMG to understand that there can’t be rock stars doing drugs near her. It’s not fair to her and I write for Stevie for no charge now. No one would tell me the truth, so I had to investigate it for myself, but Stevie NIcks deserves a break. She’s a good person.

  24. David Coffin says:

    Thank you justcallmelater Rick, i know what thay put you though and how you might have been feeling, thank you for your applogies to mis nicks, i know the drug thay had you on makes a person have delushional thoughts, i hope your geting on with your guitar lessions, music will cure the heart a soul,

  25. David Coffin says:

    as for keven there is no hope for him he cant read accuses others of not knowing how to spell, when in reallity he can’t read short hand or even long hand he cant put two words together to make a statement other then ‘you can’t spell’ ill bet he had to look that up? people like keven comes here to just upset other’s because he/ she has no life of there own to live, if you read his post he resorts to 4 letter F words because he is iliterate and cant communicate with others with out swaring and useing fowl words, hay keven you know there young kids that come to this site and others sites would you talk to your childern in this mannor around them, you had better not in public talk like that around my women or you might get more then just a toung lashing from me GOT IT..!

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