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Live Shots: Gigantour Gets Cut Short in Oklahoma City

Black Label Society, Death Division, Hellyeah, Megadeth, Newsted, Shows


Gigantour 2013, featuring headlining performances by Megadeth and Black Label Society, has been on the road for a few weeks now, hitting outdoor theaters across the country. One of the risks promoters and venues take when booking outdoor events is the prospect of nasty weather and unfortunately during the tour’s stop yesterday in Oklahoma City, things took a turn for the worst.


This year’s lineup, anchored by Megadeth, was set to play OKC’s Gigantour date as a benefit show for the areas in the state impacted by a series of deadly tornadoes that hit back in May. Things started out as scheduled, but after solid sets by Death Division, Newsted and Hellyeah, things took a turn for the worst.

A ridiculous amount of rainfall drenched attendees and the equipment on stage, requiring the next band — David Draiman’s Device — to have their set cut out of the show completely. The crew removed their equipment from stage while giving the rain and lightning time to calm down.


Black Label Society went on about an hour later, giving Zakk Wylde and co. time to shine on the stage just as the the rain began to pick back up. The crowd, beyond soaked, was seemingly hypnotized by Wylde’s ridiculous (see: awesome) pinch-harmonic filled solo work. Sure, it sucked that a band had to be cut from the bill — but for the duration of the BLS set, the crowd didn’t seem to care.


And then things went wrong. Again. While clearing off Black Label Society’s gear a transformer outside of the venue blew, plunging the stage and audience into darkness. Was it caused by the storm? It was never verified — but after making the audience wait almost 45 minutes, venue security finally announced the bad news — the rest of the gig, as in the headlining performance by Megadeth, was canceled.

What should have been a fun summer gig for fans of radio metal ruined by intense rain… definitely a buzzkill. With no news of potential refunds or a rescheduled appearance by Megadeth, many in the audience left understandably angry so here’s hoping the band and the tour can work something out. Until then, check out a few selected shots from the gig followed by our gallery of bands who did manage to hit the stage:

Death Division:






Black Label Society:




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