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An Evening With The Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age And Spinnerette

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The Foo Fighters played a surprise show last night with Queens Of The Stone Age, thrown together by Verizon to celebrate the release of the new Blackberry Storm. To get in, you had to play that game where you text some retarded phrase to some weird five digit number. If you got a reply and jumped through a couple hoops, you ‘won,’ but then you had to be one of the first 800 ‘winners’ to beat the traffic into Hollywood to be there by 7:30. Somehow, I lucked out and got in… legitimately. I had originally planned to see Brody Dalle’s new band Spinnerette in Silverlake, but I figured if things worked out alright, I could probably make it to both shows.

After the text message game, I expected the Avalon event to be a corporate whorehouse, but I’ve gotta admit, Verizon handled it pretty well. In the lobby there was a bunch of representatives floating around showing interested parties the new Blackberry, showing off its features and shit… But they didn’t harass anyone who didn’t care, they didn’t make anyone sign their name and email address into any stupid spam lists, as far as I saw anyway. Before Queens took the stage, there was no PowerPoint presentation, no Blackberry commercials; just a couple dudes from Verizon welcoming us, announcing very briefly that we were all there to celebrate the release of the new phone, and to have a good time. Very classy, Verizon.

Queens’ set was, in many ways, the opposite of the Natasha Shneider benefit show they played in August- it was a lean and mean slutty rampage. Ten rockers, no encore, no slow jams. They did however do that new version of Go With The Flow, that starts downtempo and builds up. Before going into it, Josh asked us if we were having fun, explaining that he couldn’t tell, because he was drunk. Then he said, “this one’s called Kumbaya.”

J.Ho has this way of playing things sloppy on purpose that somehow comes off as anything but careless. I can’t find it on YouTube, but there’s this great video of him coaching Dave Grohl in the studio, while tracking the drum intro to Song For The Dead. It’s not quite right until Josh makes Dave fuck it up a little… And then it’s perfect. I thought of that clip during Little Sister last night. Josh appeared to be barely paying attention to the solo he was playing. It wasn’t quite as organized as the one on the album; it wandered off the script so to speak. But it was the perfect version for that exact moment.

QOTSA Setlist:
You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire
3s & 7s
Misfit Love
Burn The Witch
Turnin’ On The Screw
Go With The Flow
Little Sister
Sick, Sick, Sick
Song For The Dead

I really love the newest Foo Fighters album; I say it’s their best, hands down, and it’s finally one I find myself listening to on a semi-regular basis. So I was excited to finally see the band again, the first time since a show on one of their early tours in the 90s, that I don’t really remember. Their set was barely longer than Queens’ but a considerable bit more dynamic. They started strong, with a few of their hit singles, and then went into a jam session built out of the Mose Allison classic Young Man Blues, as made famous by The Who. Pat Smear joined the band for a couple solid songs from their new disc before an epic Stacked Actors, featuring an extended drum solo, that went into a Metallica-like speed metal jam session before a souped up version of the standard outro. Then the Foos went acoustic for Marigold, Cold Day In The Sun, and Everlong, took a break, and came back to close with the electric feel good hit of last summer, The Pretender.

Foo Fighters Setlist:
One By One
Times Like These
Learn To Fly
Young Man Blues
Long Road To Ruin
Let It Die
Stacked Actors
My Hero
Cold Day In The Sun
The Pretender

The lights came up at the Avalon at precisely 11 PM, while Spinnerette took the stage at their third show (ever?) at Spaceland, a few exits south on the 101. I hitched a ride over to check them out and get a few photos for you. Spinnerette’s music is less angry and aggressive than The Distillers’ and I really miss hearing that woman scream… But there were a few songs that caught my ear, so I look forward to reviewing the album, which Brody promised will finally be released in February.

Many more photos from all three sets are available on Antiquiet’s Facebook page. Become a fan; we’ll be posting miscellaneous scraps that don’t make the cut here; extra photos, interview outtakes and such- and we’re giving away random things through there as well including CDs, DVDs, and concert tickets.


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