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QOTSA Post Another Mysterious Message, Share Inspiration Behind New Record

Queens Of The Stone Age, Studio Reports


While most announcements regarding the new¬†Queens Of The Stone Age album have been mostly reports of special guests on the record (Grohl, Reznor, Oliveri, Lanegan…), something else has just come in, straight from the band. Remember the weird message they shared with Mojo magazine back in December? Well, another one of those just popped up, but this time on Uncut magazine – check it out below:

QOTSA Message 2

The former message contained a drawing of a clock pointing to 9 o’clock; this one also contains that, but shown on a rabbit. Whether or not these are glimpses of the record’s artwork, rabbits and clocks can’t help but remind us of Alice In Wonderland a bit.

QOTSA’s forthcoming sixth record is set to drop sometime this spring, with a title still to be announced.

Thanks to Chuck Hipolitho for spotting the message on the latest issue of Uncut and snapping a picture of it.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Steve Keyes says:

    They’re late, they’re late for a very important date, with ROCK!

  2. I’m also wondering what phoning 999 would mean and if it ties in with the 9′o’clock or they could just be fucking with us

  3. So, the recurring theme here is the number nine and the mention of time (past, present and future). This could mean many things: release in week 9 of this year (so late February/early March) or release on 9 september (unlikely).

    Also, “The best trick of all, is no trick at all” seems relevant. Am I missing something?

  4. Rory Biller says:

    Future Top album of 2013.

  5. Bulltarded says:

    March 27th,2013

  6. jr ewing says:

    I think they may be the first band to say, hey, the record is a snapshot of the tumultous time we were going through. I can’t wait, it’s going to be great, and I’m loving the artwork. I’m going to get a clock tatooed on my eyeball.

  7. Beavalicious says:

    Might be 5/21/13, 9 o’clock on a 24 hour clock translates to the 21st hour, the next 21st day that lands on a Tuesday is in May.

  8. dainzo says:

    So, aren’t they doing shows down in SA in March and April?
    So, if the record comes out after these gigs, will they be playing the new stuff?
    I personally would rather wait and hear the studio versions of new stuff rather than shitty youtube uploads with the drunk douche screaming in the background….
    but that’s just me…

  9. SOme Guy says:

    Wait, are we missing the fact that theres a blurb to the right of the message, that seems to have more info? Most of the words are cut off though…

  10. Matt Black says:

    Sounds like Castillo has been the casualty of some sort of drama. Be interested to hear why he bailed
    Bring on the album, hope it betters the last two

  11. Nomad1 says:

    if you find…

    so i take the album is finished. and that I can pick it up from a cold bus station. I live in Oslo so i will go down and check locker #9.

  12. Atomo says:

    What i understood from a post by Blank in the RekRek forums was that not only Grohl recorded tracks for the album.

  13. Chris says:

    Is it just me or does it look like the article next to this has the album title, release date of Summer (2013, I’d imagine), and that it will be out on Domino Records?

  14. jessamineny says:

    Do major labels ever release on Saturdays? (It seems to be a favorite of independents.)
    999 = three 9s = 3/9

  15. drummergod says:

    best fucking band -period-

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