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Thieves in the Temple: Prince Vs. the People

Prince, Music


Girls & Boys, listen up. There have been some interesting developments on Alphabet St. as the one and only Prince has just filed an extensive lawsuit against not one, not 7, but ten (and possibly more) fans, blogs and Facebook pages. Let’s Go Crazy and delve into this Strange Relationship that the Purple Yoda has started with some of his biggest fans, a Scandalous affair that is primed for The Morning Papers.


Filed last week by Prince’s lawyer Rhonda R. Trotter, who works for Kaye Scholar LLP (offices located at 1999 Avenue of the Stars… yes, really), the document details the complaints that the Purple Plaintiff has against several individuals, blogs and Facebook sites. Prince’s Avalanche of complaints revolves around direct copyright infringement, unauthorized fixation and contributory copyright infringement & bootlegging. That last complaint is really the Hot Thing here, as this lawsuit is aimed at a group of Facebook and Blogspot users known for trading bootlegged live material.

The document alleges massive copyright infringement on behalf of the defendants, including DaBang319 (a Blogspot site listed as Doe 2 in the filing), noted for having “363 separate infringing” links to Funky Stuff present on his/her site. The filings note that the “true names and capacities of Does 1-20” are unknown to Prince and his team, and that the defendants in this case seem to act as an interconnected network of bootleggers, capable of trading unreleased material Around the World in a Day. Essentially an internet ring of speakeasies, except used to trade recordings of Moonbeam Levels, 30 seconds of Cosmic Day and 49 alternate versions of Pussy Control instead of bathtub moonshine. The document goes on and on for what seems like 17 Days worth of specifically noted copyright infringement, making it hard to deny that Prince has a case.

Prince, visibly disgusted at DaBang319 and the rest of the bootleg conspirators.

Prince, visibly upset at DaBang319 and the rest of the bootleg conspirators.

Apparently suffering from a bad round of the Computer Blues, Prince is seeking an “award of actual or statutory damages” in an amount of no less than $1 million per each individual — enough for several Little Red Corvettes or a full wardrobe of Pink Cashmere– while also seeking for an injunction against any further copyright infringement. Indeed, it seems that Money Does Matter 2 Night.

Dance, Music, Sex, Romance and court dates. Whether or not the defendants end up having to pay or end up finding a way to Gett Off, Prince has brought about another round of Controversy in his storied career. If the cases end up going to a full-blown jury trial, it is unknown just who will be a Witness 4 the Prosecution. More than likely it will not go that far, instead Prince just issuing these as a warning for all residents of Erotic City (see: the world) to not illegally share his music or likeness.

I Feel For You, Prince. Eye No that you’ve long maintained a strong desire to control your image. But the people in this lawsuit are fans, who largely believe that Nothing Compares 2 U. There must be some Joy in Repetition for you as well; this isn’t even the first time you’ve done this, although it has been a few years.

Although the internet died almost four years ago, it has somehow been facilitating bootleg exchanges between fans. Here, Prince asks how this is possible.

Although the internet died almost four years ago, it has somehow been facilitating bootleg exchanges between fans. Here, Prince wonders aloud at how this is possible.

Something In The Water (Does Not Computer) though, because by going after these individuals — the ones attempting to share great (yes, bootlegged) live music and videos — you are harming the very image you struggle so hard to control. Instead of these fan sites who only promote the trading of your material, go after those companies who are actually pressing hard copies and charging your fans 3 Chains O’ Gold to hear your music. Prince, your fans would move Mountains for you and maybe if you’d just glance into your Crystal Ball you could find a different way to go about doing this. Hell, open the floodgates yourself – offer your fans a New Position to access your music and live recordings and bring in not just Love or $, but both, you Irresistible Bitch.

Don’t Play Me, Prince – you Gotta Stop (Messin’ Around). Letitgo and get back to the music. Should this end up going to court, we here at Antiquiet pledge to have bootlegged deposition videos for you as soon as we possibly can steal them from Paisley Park.

Until that day, we have the full court document below for your reading pleasure; If you are Willing & Able, strap yourself in because these are the Days of Wild lawsuits. Here is the full document as filed on January 16th, 2014.



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  1. Am I correct in reading this? The people at Antiquiet are OK with supporting criminals? That’s what bootlegging is, a criminal enterprise. You need to differentiate between a fan of Prince’s music, which I am, and a thief. One is Ok, the other isn’t.

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