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Download Fifteen Unreleased Demos From The Mars Volta

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Almost seven months after The Mars Volta broke up, its two masterminds have already moved on to their separate projects Zavalaz and Bosnian Rainbows. However, given the sheer amount of material that guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez likes to record, one could easily predict that some studio leftovers from the band would show up at some point, whether officially or not. The latter case happened earlier today, and the result is up for grabs.

It all seemed to originate with a forum post over at The Comatorium, where a user claimed to have received a private message with fifteen “Volta b-sides” and the instruction to “share this.” Sure enough, the files were spread among fans, and they were soon in the hands of former drummer Thomas Pridgen, who provided some legitimacy to the collection by stating on which tracks he had performed.

So go ahead click here to download 80 minutes’ worth of unreleased demos and (presumably) b-sides. It’s certainly a mixed bag with a few great standout moments and too few vocal tracks, along with a fair share of Omar solo demos that may or may not have been intended as Volta songs at some point.

The tracklist for the collection is as follows – and we’re not joking around, those are the actual names of the files, organized in alphabetical order, as they came with no specific order. Between parentheses you will find a possible explanation for the origin of some songs:

1- ,14 (possible outtake from Noctourniquet LP)
2-  98d87 (Molochwalker demo)
3- cmv8 (Sea is Rising demo)
4- dp (possible Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo demo)
5- ef4 (possible Casate Colmillo demo)
6- eog-3
7- f39h (elements later used in the live version of Trinkets Pale of Moon)
8- f9h0 (another possible Casate Colmillo demo)
9- k49 (possible outtake from Octahedron LP)
10- pi4 (possible Happiness demo)
11- qr5`
12- s[fqw (similar to the first track on the collection)
13- xv8 (possible New York City demo or Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos demo)
14- y2g (Vicarious Atonement demo)
15- ytj6 (also similar to the first track on the collection)

More information on this as it becomes available – especially on whether or not those file names are the result of singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala typing at random, something we wouldn’t put past him. And not long after this story was posted, the singer released an official statement:

Update: While the rest of the internet took that ball and ran like hell with it, nobody seems to realize that Cedric was very likely quoting Stefon from SNL:

Jesus facepalming Christ, people. Do some fact-checking.

Special thanks to the superfans at The Comatorium and Guilherme Guedes for the tip.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. martin says:

    hey guys “xv8″ is a demo of “Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos” by Omar Rodriguez Lopez. Its from the album “Xenophanes”.

  2. Dan says:

    I’d be surprised if many of these weren’t on ORL solo albums in some form or another.

  3. charliedontsurf says:

    hahaha are you serious? youre getting lamer everyday dude

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