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Watch Soundgarden’s Entire ‘Live From The Artist’s Den’ Episode

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Soundgarden‘s tour behind their comeback effort King Animal has been a lengthy one, and it certainly paid off. As proven by the two stops the AQ team caught (Dallas in May and LA back in February), the band’s return to the stage has slowly evolved into what may be the best and tightest they have ever sounded. Now, some pro-shot footage from the Live From the Artist’s Den comes to provide mesmerizing evidence of the fact.

Captured during the last gig of a three-night stay at LA’s Wiltern Theater in February, the fifty minutes of video contain less than half of the show, but sound so damn powerful that you’ll likely not care. Watch the episode below:


1. Incessant Mace 01:37
2. Taree 09:57
3. Spoonman 13:40
4. Blind Dogs 17:40
5. Rowing 23:03
6. Non State Actor 27:35
7. A Thousand Days Before 31:35
8. Rusty Cage 36:55
9. New Damage 41:40
10. Outshined 47:13
11. Outro (Slaves & Bulldozers) 52:42

As a bonus, watch Soundgarden’s sprawling set-closer Slaves & Bulldozers:

Soundgarden are set to go on tour in September across Europe.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Atlanta x2 were the best shows I’ve EVER heard them play. Just crazy how good they are.

  2. strangle me with knickers says:

    Sorry but although the band sound good, Cornell sounds like an alley cat being stranged with razor wire. Non state actor is out of time and rough.
    I sadly skipped the tour this time because he sounds so rough. Great album though.

  3. Matt says:

    wow! 18:00 blind dogs! sweet!

  4. clint says:

    yea, I just turned it off after hearing non state actor, vocals like most live recordings I’ve heard did not sound good.

  5. Dave says:

    I will agree that Chris Cornell’s voice has declined some over the last 25 years, but overall I think he still sounds pretty good and the new songs cater to his lower register. I’ve seen him live with SG, Audislave and solo, and he’s always put on a great show.

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