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‘Uncovered’ Queens Of The Stone Age Album Is Josh Homme Approved

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Queens of the Stone Age - April 13, 2011

Leave it to the French to take choice tracks from across Queens Of the Stone Age‘s discography and turn them into female vocal-driven mixes of bossanova, distant acoustic instruments, and something altogether unlike the very electric band we’re all accustomed to hearing. Producer Olivier Libaux has just released the ambitious LP Uncovered Queens Of The Stone Age, which pairs a different female singer with a different QOTSA song to (hopefully) suit their strengths.

Though …Like Clockwork is never touched upon, the twelve track album is a pretty comprehensive look at QOTSA’s discography if it had taken a rather long elevator ride to the top floor of a nondescript hotel. Proving that he can more than think outside the box, Josh Homme called Uncovered Queens Of The Stone Age a “fantastic idea,” according to a press release. We’re not quite sure what he thinks now that the final product has been released. Take a look at the video for No One Knows, as sang by Inara George and judge for yourself. Just don’t forget to step off that elevator.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. SGRubin says:

    This makes for good sexy time yes? I like.

  2. wg says:

    Why no songs from “R”? Shame.

    Some of these are good, some not good.

    “Burn the Witch,” “No One Knows,”The Blood Is Love,” “Hangin’ Tree,” and “Go With the Flow” are decent.

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