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New from Stone Gossard: Here’s ‘Your Flames’

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Another week, another new jam from Pearl Jam‘s Stone Gossard.

Here’s Your Flames, the latest song from his upcoming solo LP Moonlander

Said Stone of Your Flames:

“There is a lyric in the song about a dream (nightmare) in which I hit my nephew (which I’d never do). 
He responds in the dream with an amazing “that’s-all-you-got?” kind of look. 
I woke feeling guilty and horrified over the idea of striking him, and comforted by the idea that his flame was so strong and resilient, it could not be put out by me or anyone. It was obviously the latter that struck a chord in me.”

This is now the fourth song debuted from Moonlander, which will be released on June 25th, following I Need Something Differentthe title track, and Both Live.

The four songs can be had from iTunes as the Apollo EP now, ahead of Moonlander‘s release next month.


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