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Beady Eye Return With ‘Flick Of The Finger’

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Remember back in February when Liam Gallagher told a fan outside of a pub that “You’ll Like The New Beady Eye Record If You’re Into Drugs”? Well chemistry enthusiasts, take a quick fix because the first song from the second Beady Eye record leaked earlier today via progressive Santa Monica based public radio powerhouse KCRW.

beady eye 2013

The song is called Flick Of The Finger and to be perfectly honest the worst thing about it is Liam Gallagher. That being said, after a couple of listens it still manages to blow everything on the band’s debut album out of the fucking water. Check it out down below. In the event the YouTube video is yanked, you can stream it here.

Beady Eye will tour the world later this year with former Kasabian touring musician Jay Mehler on bass. The band’s still untitled second record is rumored to drop in June.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. to be perfectly honest the worst thing about this site is Reverend Justito. Go back to church

    • Reverend Justito says:

      I am cool with the honor of being the worst part of Antiquiet.

      • me says:

        i really hope you or someone else opens your eyes to what a douchebag youre being lately, its unnecessary you know? youre the reason why i dont check this site so much anymore and its not only me

        • Reverend Justito says:

          So let me get this right. You have access to the site traffic of Antiquiet and can tell that visits are specifically down because I expressed the ‘douchebag’ opinion that Liam’s vocals are rather lackluster on this track? Or is it because I took great pride in not being as awesome as Johnny and Skwerl. I am confused. Perhaps on one of your less frequent visits to Antiquiet, you can let me know where I have gone so wrong?

          • me says:

            Gladly, its just the last reviews ive read from you seem like youre trying harder to be witty and belittle the artists you dont understand than actually giving a fair review. Also you completely twisted my words, which is pretty much my point, looks like you just want to have a beef. Obviously i dont know you and thats just how i percieve you.

            • Reverend Justito says:

              How do I not understand Beady Eye? I own the first record, it was rather lackluster. I saw them live and they were rather terrible. I have posted 3-4 articles on the band here and been nothing but fair. I do apologize that my post with the same style and swagger that the Gallagher brothers have been spitting out for years went over your head. I will do my best to keep traffic higher than the drugs you need to be on in order to enjoy new Beady Eye music by posting only unicorns and rainbows moving forward.

              • me says:

                if beady eye is good or not thats not my point, im not even a fan. you get it now? im just talking about your reviews, you could tone down this hunger for a beef, because since this year started youve been like this. Just take a look at your arguments, drugs? really man? i have nothing against you, its your reviews, joan rivers already exists we dont need another one.

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