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Hear the New Queens Of The Stone Age Song ‘My God Is The Sun,’ Debuted in Brazil

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This evening at Lollapalooza Brazil, Queens Of The Stone Age played a blistering set, judging from all accounts, the videos we’ve seen from the webcast, and reports from our man Fernando down there (read his full recap of QOTSA’s performance). Here’s something we know everyone is rabid for; a new song entitled My God Is The Sun, professionally shot and recorded:

And yeah, that’s Jon Theodore from The Mars Volta & One Day As A Lion on drums, as previously promised. And he seems to be earning the shit out of some keep back there.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

    • Skwerl says:

      yup. was updating the piece.

      • SkwerlJohn says:

        Don’t try to out scoop the high priest of scoopage, bro.

        • Skwerl says:

          you are such a faggot. and to respond to all of your dipshitty comments, of course we knew it was theodore. i know you think you’ve got us all figured out, but we’re nowhere near as obsessed with being “the source” or whatever, or “connected” as you obviously are. we share what we can with the fans. what we can’t share comes out in time. go smoke a bowl or something, jerk off, start a blog, whatever you need to do to get off my fucking dick all day.

  1. Tooth says:

    I will never doubt in Queens again. Another masterpiece has born.

  2. SkwerlCloud says:

    “As previously promised”?!……..

    No matter how MUCH news you guys post, you’ll never be considered a source for “breaking” news you can only read first here. Stick to the Pearl Jam ball licking and message board stalking.

  3. Greg Kawalec says:

    Man, Blank is still pissed.

  4. qotsaamkw says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh So this is the “rickshaw” snippet. Damn kinda sad it isn’t rickshaw, BUT HOLY SHIIT.


  5. My body wasn’t ready.

  6. Matt Black says:

    Pretty fuckin stoked with that, and having no knowledge of the Mars Volta, I have no concerns about Theodore fitting in

  7. bw says:

    Question for Skwerl or Mr.Firecloud, is Jon Theodore a good long-term fit for QOTSA and the direction the band is headed or will this be a one and done tour? Does anyone prefer Joey Castillo?

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