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Listen To Ryan Adams Take On Iron Maiden For ‘Californication’

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Next week will see the release of Music From The Showtime Series Californication Season 6. No matter your thoughts on the show, the soundtrack has some great artists including Warren Zevon, Joe Walsh and Mark Lanegan. It also features the host of the heavy metal web gem spectacular Night Sweats.

Thanks to Rolling Stone, you are now enjoying one of the highlights of the collection. Known for his unapologetic love of heavy metal, Ryan Adams has finally released a studio recording of his cover of the 1986 Iron Maiden classic Wasted Years. Despite the fact that it is radically different from the original, we can’t help but believe that Eddie would approve of this acoustic cover.

Music From The Showtime Series Californication Season 6 track listing:

01. STEVE JONES – “Suffragette City” (David Bowie cover)
02. MARILYN MANSON – “Personal Jesus” (Depeche ModeE cover)
03. THE BLIND PETS – “Fever”
04. JOHNNY THUNDERS – “You Can’t Put Your Arms Round a Memory”
05. LISSIE – “Nothing Else Matters” (Metallica cover)
06. RYAN ADAMS – “Wasted Years” (Iron Maiden cover)
07. WARREN ZEVON – “For My Next Trick, I’ll Need a Volunteer”
08. TIM MINCHIN – “So Long” (As We Are Together)
09. HI HO SILVER OH ft. Leslie Stevens – “Time To Move On” (Tom Petty cover)
10. JOE WALSH – “Funk 50″
11. THE LITTER – “Action Woman”
12. MARK LANEGAN – “Strange Religion”
13. THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES – “What’s Your Story”
14. BETH HART – “My California”


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. C says:

    This is absolutely awful. If Ryan Adams were a true heavy metal fan he would never have butchered a Maiden song and made it a sappy sissy sob song. The fact that you guys have endorsed it takes away all credibility of Antiquiet. pathetic….

    • Reverend Justito says:

      Having had the chance to talk with Adams about metal, I can assure you he is the real deal fan of heavy metal. Shame you are nothing more than a closed minded sack of shit who can’t realize that.

      • C says:

        Aw, poor Reverend Justito got his feelings hurt.
        You are so cool that you were able to talk to Mr. Adams.
        Next time you “talk” with him tell him that his version of Wasted Years sucks. Eddie is rolling in his grave….literally.

  2. le pupe says:

    Eternal respect to AQ staff, but one thing I’ve noticed is that when someone has a different opinion that differs from yours, you (meaning all the staff) get all cranky and even offensive at times… Just my two cents, after all is YOUR site and we’re just in it…PEACE

  3. le pupe says:

    “DIFFERENT opinion that DIFFERS” now THAT wasn’t too intelligent… :P

  4. Matt says:

    props to the rev’rend for embracing the flame

    • Reverend Justito says:

      The fact that the comments here look more like Blabbermouth than Antiquiet just shows you how fucking metal Ryan Adams is.

  5. mikoras says:

    Ryan Adams is gay gay gay. Saw him once. He sucked and he was a whiny lil bitch. Also, I only saw him because an ex lady friend made me go… kicking and screaming. I dumped her after the show. If I got the chance to meet him I would spit in my hand before I shook his. Just like that scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. “you the shower curtain ring fella?”

  6. Murt says:

    This is a very good cover by Adams, thanks for bringing to my attention.

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