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Listen to Prince’s New Song ‘Same Page Different Book’

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Just a few hours ago a mysterious Twitter account by the name of 3rdEyeGirl popped up, bringing with it a string of cryptic messages and links to a few curious Prince-related items.

Two of the links were remixes of a pair of Prince tracks — his latest single Rock and Roll Love Affair and interestingly, a fantastic extended version of Laydown, originally from his 20Ten LP.

The next link contained a rehearsal video of Bambi, originally from Prince’s 1979 self-titled record. The performance is recent, featuring a stripped down version of the Prince’s New Power Generation band with Hannah Ford on drums, Ida Nielsen on bass and NPG-newcomer Donna Grantis on guitar. Prince is shown wearing shades and a hoodie while busting out some fiery guitar licks, definitely more rocking than most of his recent-ish output.

Yet another link revealed a brand new song called Same Page Different Book, a fairly funky track discussing Prince’s favorite thing — religion. It’s… well, it’s Prince.

It’s hard to tell if the 3rdEyeGirl account is some weird marketing attempt by Prince’s team or someone who got their hands on some unreleased material via other means, but either way you can check out the songs/rehearsal video below.

Thanks to Dr. Funkenberry for the heads up.

Same Page Different Book:

Laydown (Xtended):

Rock and Roll Love Affair (Remix 7):

Bambi (Rehearsal):


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