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Listen to McCartney, Grohl, Novoselic & Smear’s ‘Cut Me Some Slack’

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One of the most talked-about subjects of conversation during the past week was Sir Paul McCartney’s involvement in an up-until-last-week-inconceivable Nirvana reunion with Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear, and Dave Grohl. With no reason to infringe on the already-established legacy of Nirvana, the four musicians stood alongside one another on stage at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit concert and debuted a blistering new track titled Cut Me Some Slack, only to perform an even more refined version of the track once more on Saturday Night Live. This was in no way sold as a Nirvana reunion either. It was just simply four musicians from two of the most groundbreaking bands in history playing together – and with fantastic results.

Cut Me Some Slack, which is a part of the unbelievable soundtrack to Dave Grohl’s Sound City, has now been made available online, and you can listen to it (on repeat) below.


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