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Listen To How To Destroy Angels’ New EP, ‘An Omen’

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It’s possible that some fans were disappointed when How To Destroy Angels announced that, despite claims of their new LP being mixed in early 2012, it wouldn’t come out until 2013. What they get to tide them over until then, however, seems to make it well worth the wait.

The group’s second EP offering, titled An Omen, is now available for streaming, and can be listened to below:

An Omen is set for a November 13th release, and can be ordered here.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Huge NIN fan, but HTDA bores the tits off me…

  2. Justin Neal says:

    I tried to get into their first one several times, but just couldn’t. This one is sooo much better.

  3. Emma says:

    I’m a fan of whatever Trent releases. At least it’s some new material, and it’s great that he’s partnered up with his wife this time. Great video for “Keep it Together” too

  4. Rachel says:

    Their remix of “Keep It Together” by The Factory Floor is killer definitely worth checking out

  5. Ade Cmr says:

    Seriously love this record. It’s so dark and the vocals are incredible. Love HTDA!

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