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Kyuss Alums John Garcia, Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri Announce New Band: Vista Chino

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Brant Bjork, John Garcia and Nick Oliveri – formerly of Kyuss – are pleased to introduce their new project: Vista Chino. The group, comprised of the three founding members of the legendary rock band and guitarist Bruno Fevery, are currently recording new material in anticipation of a 2013 worldwide release that will coincide with major touring plans.

The name change is a merciful departure from the trajectory of conflict and litigation surrounding the Kyuss name over the past year, with founding member and Queens of The Stone Age nucleus Joshua Homme filing suit alongside bassist Scott Reeder to prevent the current incarnation from continuing the Kyuss legacy under the Kyuss Lives! moniker, and a war of words (and published legal documents) taking place in the media that left ashtray flavors in everyone’s mouths.

The final live appearances of Kyuss Lives! will take place in early 2013 as part of Australia’s Soundwave Festival. The guys are looking forward to playing their classic songs along with new material – and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Vista Chino.


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  1. Mattylce says:

    Hopefully the music is better than the name

  2. ed says:

    Best news. Leave the kyuss legacy intact. Start fresh with extra oliveri

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