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Boombox Goes on Vacation in Paper Tiger’s ‘The Fortunate Wayfarer’ Video

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Paper Tiger, producer and live DJ of Doomtree, releases Summer EP today on Doomtree Records.  On Summer EP, Paper departs from the moodier moments of its predecessor Made Like Us in favor of a more uptempo, sunnier sound palette.

The Doomtree collective has been hard at work in 2012. With P.O.S.’s hotly anticipated new full-length We Don’t Even Live Here set for release this October, and Mike Mictlan debuting new material off a forthcoming EP at live shows, the New York City-based producer steps into the creativity overload with an instrumental EP, which is out today.

Check out the video below for The Fortunate Wayfarer, which premiered over at The Current today. The clip was directed by James Gunderson and stars an awesome walking boombox out on a fun-filled summer field trip to a Seaside Heights amusement park:

For the uninformed, Paper is a fixture in the Doomtree collective and is responsible for some of the group’s most crowd-pleasing singles, including Low Light Low Life from P.O.S’ Never Better, Mike Mictlan’s Game Over, and Dessa’s The Chaconne.

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