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It’s As Bad As We Feared: Adam Lambert Joins Queen in Kiev

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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Adam Lambert performed his first full show with Queen in Kiev on June 30th and the horrifying results have been posted on Youtube.

Taking more liberties with melody than any vocalist should, Adam completely botches a large part of Queen’s greatest hits’ setlist, which includes everything from Fat Bottomed Girls, Under Pressure and Another One Bites the Dust to The Show Must Go On and Seven Seas of Rhye.

A particularly awful highlight is Lambert’s unique take on Somebody to Love (check 1:24:40). Even the best of all GPS units couldn’t help him find his way to the correct notes and even worse still is that when all else fails, Lambert resorts to slathering on goat vibrato hoping to mask the mistakes. It’s bad. And don’t forget about Bohemian Rhapsody (1:40:10), where Lambert’s voice gets so shrill you’d swear you’re listening to a bird and a cat fucking. In a blender.

Still game to watch? Feel free:

Here’s to hoping this really is temporary and the band doesn’t try to make Lambert a more permanent member of the band. Seriously universe, don’t let that happen.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. George says:

    Wow, that’s a bit harsh. I personally thought it was damn good for their first outing. Perfect – no, but Lambert’s got a magnificent voice and did the songs justice. This review is bullshit.

  2. T.V. says:

    My god, this would drive even Nyarlathotep to madness. I’m fairly sure what we’ve got here is one of the harbingers of the Apocalypse.

  3. Jessie says:

    Steven Anthony the author of this piece is pretty much a wannabe with his panties in a wad. Mr, you have no clue about music or anything else for that matter, why the hell don’t you just shut your DAMN mouth. Nobody give a rats ASS what you think. And while your at it FUCK YOURSELF.

  4. Brian and Roger have sullied the name of Queen. What a damn shame.

  5. Kacey D says:

    Some people just aren’t good at live performances. That’s the only reason Gene Simmons is famous.

  6. RP says:

    This guy sucks, they picked him cuz he was gay like Freddie, and being more like a girl sure lets you hit those high notes but just being a faggot doesnt make you able to sing.

    funny that he went down on his knees in front of May, thought he was gonna do whats natural and try to suck his dick – doing that THERE will get your ass kicked good so it might have been a good thing haha. This sad sack of flaming homo doesnt deserve to be on stage with Queen just cuz he IS a queen.

  7. walrus says:

    So Roger’s official Queen tribute band is going out with a slew of killer singers, including the inimitable Jeff Scott Soto, and the REAL Queen is out with this no-talent ass-clown? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Gemma says:

      Jeff Scott Soto and Marc Martel are Freddie impersonators, nothing more, and not even particularly good ones. Gary Mullen kicks their fat behinds.

      Adam Lambert is an artist in his own right. Someone who has the vocal range and power of Freddie (and far more control) and someone who has the theatrical performance skills of Freddie. That is what Brian and Roger wanted for the band. Someone who could pull off the songs and the performances, not an impersonator. What in the name of God would be the point of that?

      Also, the reason the tribute band has more than one lead singer is because none of them were deemed strong enough to be able to sustain singing these songs day in day out for long.

      Roger Taylor was even asked if Adam Lambert had been approached to be the lead singer of the Extravaganza and laughed it off saying that that would be “preposterous” as he “has his own career” and is “so much better than that”.

      Long time Queen fans who have seen the Extravaganza have found it desperate but many of those same people loved this performance because Lambert was doing the songs justice, putting in a performance but not trying to be Freddie.

      However, congratulations on demonstrating what is well known to be the basis of all but a tiny fraction of negative posts about Lambert. Not hardcore Queen fans, hardcore Soto and Martel fans. The ignorance of anything Queen or Freddie demonstrated in the posts around the net is laughable. How embarrassing for those two guys. They may be no more than passable impersonators with voices that can’t take the strain of full performances or more than one full performance every few days but they deserve better than bitter, childish fans.

    • Natalie says:

      I’ve been to three of the Queen Extravaganza tribute shows. All I will say is the calibre of applicants can’t have been very high. The lead singers consist of one who struggles with the high notes, one who struggles with the low notes and one who has a party piece of one song (that by no coincidence was his audition tape and main audition performance) but can’t pull off any others any better than most, and who was distinctly average at even that song when they performed on American Idol. None of them are even comparable to Adam Lambert. You do know that Roger Taylor said Adam would be wasted on the Extravaganza don’t you?

      Before you ask why I went three times to a show that I clearly didn’t enjoy the first time, it’s my job (unfortunately, in cases like that).

    • wddb says:

      Feel free to depart!

  8. Ferenca says:

    What a complete and utter shock to see Steven Anthony giving a negative review of anything involving Adam Lambert! Wow!!!! I was really expecting a glowing endorsement of the performance and an uncompromising recommendation to Queen to hire him on a permanent basis. Excuse me while I DO NOT fall off my chair I this piece of predictably biased garbage trying to be passed off as a review.

    However, do you know what? Your opinion counts for squit because as if May and Taylor weren’t big enough admirers of Lambert already, they certainly will have been left with no doubt about his suitability to fill the huge shoes of Freddie Mercury after that performance, the crowd reaction and the general viewers’ and reviewers’ reaction from all but those blinded and deafened by their own dislike bordering on hatred and their personal agenda. Sadly, very few of those are actually purists or diehards. The vast majority of even those had their opinions turned around by the performance. They’re mostly people like your dear self for who Lambert is always doing something wrong by simply breathing or people who are fans of “rivals” (and I use that word most laughingly) – other American Idol contestants and other singers who have long fancied themselves as Queen’s frontman.

    As for “RP”, I don’t really know where to begin with the redneck ignorance in your post. Yes of course. That is EXACTLY why Adam Lambert got the gig. I mean, there is such a huge shortage of gay singers around that Queen would reeeeally struggle to find a vocalist based on that criteria, wouldn’t they? That would be why they’ve only worked with two vocalists on a regular basis since Freddie, and the other one was straight, wouldn’t it? Because they are willing to throw the mantel on anyone, obviously.

    Oh and if doing certain things there gets you a good kicking, why was the crowd who could see him so visibly amused and not at all offended in the way they would be in certain parts of the US for example by a guy literally jerking off to Adam Lambert in the third row?

  9. Ferenca says:

    And with Walrus’ comment, I rest my case.

  10. Fern says:

    Sorry but I was there. I was on a work trip to Kiev last week and was invited to the concert by some people in the office there who know I’m an Elton John fan. Queen is a band I grew up with and though I have never been a big fan of theirs as I am of Elton, I like their music and recognise Freddie as one of the greatest vocalists and showmen of all time. This boy, Adam Lambert, is absolutely superb. Phenomenal voice and stage presence. I could see around me others who were hearing him for the first time and many Queen fans who were not sure what to expect and not at all sure about an talent show contestant (which I find incredible that he is) being the right person for the job but after a song or two I couldn’t see or hear a negative reaction around me. In fact within a few songs the crowd was chanting his name.

    I’m now trying to get tickets for the one of their London shows.

    I didn’t realise there was a tribute act going around. I remember some years ago in the UK a guy winning ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ impersonating Freddie but impersonation and interpretation are two very different things. No one really wants to hear someone who sounds too similar to an established artist (where is the originality in that?) and a performance of someone’s songs by someone who sounds like them is simply karaoke. One thing Adam Lambert has definitely done is stop me referring to any talent show contestant as a merely a karaoke singer.

    • Yeah I agree Fern… I was AMAZED that you heard the crowd chanting Adam Adam Adam… Steven Anthony must not have heard that or clearly he was too much of an expert to have picked up on that fact. Or Roger and Brian freaking out when Adam finished I want to break free… go back and watch the video Roger is screaming YES YES YES and Brian just is cheering for Adam. Great moment. But then again homophobic douche bags might have been put off by the lyrics at the start of the song about Adam being in love. They are too scared about what he is putting in his mouth to listen clearly to what is coming out of his mouth. They are too nervous about his hips moving to take in the stellar performance. Phone it in he certainly did not he was there giving it his all. He has balls the size of houses. Adam did a great job. I cannot wait to see them live!

  11. Natalie says:

    No idea what Steven Anthony is talking about, sorry. This performance is as good a live performance as I’ve seen and immeasurably better than most.

  12. pupo says:

    Think you can do any better? Step up and get in the ring! That kid did a great job, period. RP, FUCK YOU.

  13. Darkstarr says:

    Poor Steven – doesn’t like anyone else fronting his beloved Queen so he threw his toys out of his cot. Don’t worry, your Mum will be by in a minute to change your nappy – then perhaps then we can learn to write a proper, unbiased review can’t we?

    Ah diddums..

  14. Mel says:

    I think you and me didn’t listen to the same concert. It was nowhere near perfect, I’ll admit that, but especially the second half of the set was fantastic: I want to break free, Another one Bites the Dust, Who wants to live forever, The show must go one, perfect vocals and genuine emotions.
    If you want to hate on somebody then don’t desguise it as a “review”, I’m a fan of being critical, but this was nothing else than a hate rally. Well, if you wanted to bring this across, then, wow, I give you 100 points, you succeeded.

  15. Inge says:

    I’m in a rather expensive internet cafe so I’ll be quick.

    The show rocked big time. As a huge Freddie fan, I always have a heavy heart seeing and hearing someone else sing his songs but Adam Lambert is the closest living singer and performer to Freddie. He has the same vocal ability and the same spirit without even trying.

    Fair dues to Elton John as well who also played a great set.

  16. You guys are insane. One: I’m not the biggest Queen fan but I know when songs have been butchered.

    Two: I have nothing against Adam Lambert personally. I used to cheer for the kid on American Idol because I thought he was an entertaining performer. He just doesn’t mix with Queen.

    Three: If you think this is a review of an entire live show, you are nuts. This is a link to a video with a few catty lines thrown in for fun. Chill the fuck out fangirls, you can like whoever you want.

    • So you are the personal arbitor of taste. The people that know in the industry and Brian and Roger don’t know as much as Mr. Steven Anthony knows… yup know bias at all because he knows. Is that a picture of your boyfriend you are snuggled up to in that picture? Yup again no bias at all.

    • Clare says:

      1. I know you’re not the biggest Queen fan so what qualifies you to be so defensive about them. A fan of another prospective (don’t make me laugh) frontman perhaps? Look up at that big, pale thing flying up there…….. it’s a pig.

      2. Adam Lambert is an entertaining performer and an exceptional singer who is also blessed with the same theatricality and vocal range and power as Freddie. He fits with Queen like a glove. For crying out loud, I’ve never seen a more natural fit into a long-standing band.

      3. Firstly, I don’t know what video clip you were warching because it certainly doesn’t appear to be the one you’ve linked. Secondly, if your catty remarks were meant to be funny, take some advice, don’t ever consider a career in comedy. They’re far from funny. They sound dim and childish and the type of thing that could be expected from a 13 year old backed into a corner in an argument.

      Finally, if you don’t want to take it, don’t dish it out. Yes, we can like whoever we want. We can also choose to dislike ridiculous reviews by attention-seeking so-called reviewers blatantly going all out to be contentious.

      Don’t give up the day job.

      • Luz says:

        where can you find a male singer who has a very privileged voice and is drop dead gorgeous? On top of that he has such charisma and humbleness that you are in awe of him. Why the hate? Adam is so warm and loving. People who do not like him have never taken the time to see him sing and I feel sorry for them. Adam is the best male singer ever and I predict that he will have more fame than Elton John because Adam has a better voice.

    • Claire C says:

      Yes, mate. That’ll be why they asked Adam Lambert to tour with them ……. because he really doesn’t fit with Queen. It’s not as if they didn’t have a chance to discover this when they played a set at the end of last year, is it? Don’t let anyone tell you that Brian and Roger know what and who would best fit their band. No, no, no. A bit-piece writer (loosely used term) on a site usually read by one man and his very intelligent dog is the authority on the subject.

      Still, well done on one thing. You must have quadrupled the monthly hits on your site in one day.

    • Marion says:

      Good God, shut the fuck up, you sound like a babbling idiot.

    • wddb says:

      Given your initial rant, perhaps it is YOU who should CTFO.

  17. Adam Lambert was AMAZING and this review is crap. If you don’t like it stay home with your negative self and the rest of us will enjoy it without you. LOVED every second of the concert. It was almost as gay as Freddie Mercury was… almost. Butthurt rockers can suck on Freddie’s gay dick thats right you worshipped a gay man so get off Adam’s jock and stop trying to mask your homophobia with Freddie love most of you haters can’t even spell his name right.

    • Please, please continue to call me homophobic. The idiocy in your comments is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

      For the record, in case you haven’t noticed by my large number of Scissor Sisters/Kylie posts on this very site: Adam and I share one thing in common: gayness.

      The difference between Adam and I is that I know I can’t front Queen.

      • Clare says:

        That’s because you can’t and he can.

        Please, please continue with this absurdness. You’re making an arse of yourself. Not least by, given the number of anti-Adam posts on here compared to the number of negative reactions on each post, going down the posts giving those who call you out the finger and your own posts the thumbs up. How very mature!

      • Mary Claire says:

        Steven, the more you say the more you look like a fool, admit it, you tried to be cute and you failed. It’s OK to say you don’t like Adam Lambert, but to say he butchered this concert, makes you look like an ass clown, he was great and those of us with ears realize it.

      • wddb says:

        “Between Adam and I….”

        The pronoun is “ME,” Steven. FYI.

  18. You’re all a bunch of treehugging hippies, seriously.

  19. Parabol says:

    Sorry man, I’m actually liking it. Obviously nobody can replace Freddie, but holy shit this guy can sing. Second half seemed better than the first.

  20. Clare says:

    “Here’s to hoping this really is temporary and the band doesn’t try to make Lambert a more permanent member of the band. Seriously universe, don’t let that happen.” –

    Seriously, Anthony, just stick your biased opinions up your arse with a watermelon.

    Lambert has his own career but after the EMA performance and particularly after seeing this full set, there is nothing I’d love more than for him to be a full-time member of the band, if and when they perform and record (I mean, they’re not exactly at a stage in their career or lives when they’re going to be doing this week in week out).

    Lambert is the first singer I’ve heard doing Mercury total justice in that he handled the demands of the vocals and the occasion whilst putting his own spin on things and not imitating Freddie, and May and Taylor showed the most energy they have shown on stage since Freddie’s last performance. Lambert’s exuberant performance and the chemistry with the guys took years off them.

    He’s the best thing that’s happened to them in the past 21 years. Long may he reign.

  21. Steve Keyes says:

    It’s his fucking opinion. Want to share your opinion with a bunch of assholes too? Start a music website!

    • Clare says:

      That is a huge part of the problem. Critics of anything used to be a profession. These days any arsehole with internet access can put themselves forward as some sort of authority on whatever subject they choose but some can’t then take it when their opinions are questioned without reacting like a three year old and the having the gall to call others childish.

  22. Oh you guys. Let’s all sing together and forget about our differences.

  23. Von Halen says:

    Wow. That sucked even more than I imagined it could. What the hell are they thinking? Freddie Mercury must be rolling in his grave. I am sure if they scour Youtube like Journey did, they will find any number of guys a hundred times better than this moron.

    • Billie says:

      For your information, Freddie was cremated.

      On your second point, yes, of course they would. That’s why they haven’t done it before. They scoured Youtube for contestants for the tribute act instead because it’s only a tribute act after all. You don’t need anyone with any personality. Just people who can play the required instruments and a few people who can impersonate Freddie and handle a couple of songs each at a time.

      The fact that you called Adam Lambert a moron gives your agenda away. Nothing to do with liking Queen or Freddie at all, just to do with disliking Adam. Could you be more transparent?

      • Von Halen says:

        How’s this for transparent. Adam Lambert sucks. He sucks in general. Literally and figuratively, I might add. I love Queen. I love Freddie Mercury’s work in Queen. This guy managed to discount and disgrace it, in one performance.

        • Billie says:

          Yep, I believe you! I mean the very fact that you are ridiculing Adam’s sexuality proves how much of a Freddie fan you must be.

          All hail the totally ignorant of even the best known facts about Queen and Freddie that are the fans of the tribute act “singers”.

          Now go away and play on the Extravaganza site where you belong.

    • Brian says:

      Brian May, who was closer to Freddie Mercury than you can ever be thinks Adam Lambert is incredible.

      But what does Brian May know. You must know more.

  24. Jackie says:

    I came across this earlier on today looking for something else. I was a huge Queen fan back in the day but sort of lost touch with their career, as with so many things, over the last 5 or 6 years. The last I heard they had Paul Rodgers as frontman who though a great singer, I thought was an odd choice for Queen’s type of music and style and I found the one performance of theirs I saw powerful but quite sombre and the original music they produced together wasn’t necessarily my thing. I’ve never heard this young guy before but having watched the whole performance all the way through in segments over the past few hours, I can’t fault him. He has an incredible voice and certainly no lack of stage skills and these became more evident after the first song or two. After he came back following Brian and Roger’s stint he was phenomenal. If this performance is anything to go by, I don’t know what the writer of this piece is talking about, I sincerely hope that they perform together again. It’s lovely to see Brian and Roger smile on stage again.

  25. Morris says:

    Interestingly ridiculous article. I was going to comment but skimmed through the existing comments first as I always do and noticed that the writer had replied to some posts, so I decided there was little point saying what I was going to say. Nothing screams “unprofessional” quite like writing an article then answering back at disagreements with your opinion. Once you’ve said your piece, allow others to say theirs and accept it.

  26. Morris says:

    Ohhhh, I’ve seen that the site owner has also replied further down the page. A cue to leave what is clearly a totally amateur site.

  27. vicki hopton says:

    Wow – I can’t wait to see the boys in London! And, unfortunately, if you actually listened to the whole show dude – you would realize it isn’t Adam off key – he never is – it’s the Queen boys who are a tad past their prime – but I can’t wait!

    • Michelle says:

      That’s not really very fair. Roger and Brian did very well when taking the lead and they’re not the only ones doing backing vocals. Often harmonies sounding off are down to the acoustics in the venue or the sound mix rather than any singer or singers being to blame.

  28. Michelle says:


    This is the first time I’ve heard Adam Lambert live, though I’ve heard some of his stuff on the radio and seen some of his videos before. I watched the video and could count the slightly off notes on the fingers of one hand and not have to use my thumb. There was a considerable amount of improvisation but that’s a completely different thing to missing a note or being totally out of tune or off key. I’ve loved Queen’s music since I was very young and saw them in their original guise several times. Great a singer as Freddie was when on form, there were more than a few times when his vocals were Bum Note Central. Sorry but I’m only telling it as it is. I know I’d probably jump down someone’s throat if they said it though but as a fan I believe I can be honest in my appreciation.

  29. Jakob Ross says:

    Well I, for one, think this was very well written. This is, obviously, an opinion. Some liked it, some didn’t. Doesn’t matter what Adam Lambert’s sexual orientation is or whatever it is these commenters are whining about. I enjoyed the article. Not so much the performance.

  30. Chad Babino says:

    I hate when I agree with Steven, which is pretty much never, but today folks he is CORRECT. This guy is no homophobe, I can vouch for that. Steven’s article is at least honest and not full shit, like many articles that just turn out to be puff pieces. Dammit Steven, good job at pissing many people off besides just me. I have your back this fight.

  31. Bruce Bing says:

    Give an idiot a blog and you get an idiotic review. Anthony you are a real fucking idiot.

    • My name’s not Anthony, natch.

      This isn’t a review. It’s my brief observations from a very lackluster performance by a legendary band and a singer who is having trouble with this show. That’s it.

      Write a few lines and post up the video for people to see.

      Thanks for sharing your opinions everyone! You’ve been making me giggle ALL day!


  32. whatever says:

    This is what Fern, who posted above & was there, was talking about. You can hear the crowd chanting Adam’s name at the beginning. Another concert-goer who wasn’t familiar with Adam & wasn’t sure how this would play out, tweeted that after this song, Who Wants To Live Forever, she was totally won over. This was stunning & so poignant because it was written just before Freddie died.!

  33. whatever says:

    Oh, forgot to say, unfortunately, that particular video leaves off the rest of the encore, We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions. BTW, I’m a huge fan of both Queen & Adam. My comment is my name. ;)

  34. Cody Lamie says:

    Steven, don’t even bother responding to these cunts.

    • Claire C says:

      As Billie said, it’s unprofessional to do so. It doesn’t stop him. Then again there’s obviously nothing professional about this site and why should anyone be surprised that anyone who wrote such an immature piece should react like a child to it being disagreed with?

  35. Amy says:

    ROFLMFAO at the bitter bile of Adam Lambert’s inexplicable haters and the fans of others (particularly those of the absurd tribute singers but also those of other American Idol contestants) trying to pass themselves off as disgruntled Queen fans. The VAST majority of Queen fans who were undecided or opposed (of which I have to admit I was one) have had their minds changed completely by this performance.

    Brian and Roger looked ecstatic on stage for the first time in decades, they have stated since they first heard Adam Lambert that he has one of the (if not THE) greatest voices they have ever heard *and they maintain this), aswell as how he has grown in confidence as a performer and Adam more than proved all this on Saturday.

    Have fun playing with yourselves.

  36. Kitt says:

    Oh my goodness, you’re right, that was terrible. It was like watching a karaoke show and he seems so corny when he tries to act like a rock star. The music was great but Lambert singing was like listening to fingernails scraping along a blackboard. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. I do hope they can find someone who can sing with them. I can’t believe there are people who said this was good. Well everyone has their own opinion of course, some will like him – some will not, and also Lambert’s fans seem to be so overly obsessed with him they praise anything that he does. LOL!
    Rock on Queen! (but just not with Lambert, pleeeeeeeese!)

  37. Trey says:

    The author of this hit piece is simply trying to get hits. What he doesn’t realize is, he’s offending thousands of people like myself, that will never visit this asswipe of a site again. If you cannot be fair Mr Anthony, you need to move on. If what you have written is your honest opinion, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG BUSINESS!………I sincerely hope no one paid you for this obviously worthless piece of drivel.

  38. RedRoseQueen1 says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how any hack with internet access is able to write such obvious shit about something which they are so absolutely clueless about.
    The “writer” ( I use that term quite loosely) of this piece of crap needs A) a lobotomy B) Electric shock therapy C)hearing aids D) ALL of the above.
    (Correct answer is “D”)
    Lambert more than holds his own with Taylor and May. And THEY (not you, not me and not US) chose him for very good reasons. I can’t believe the level of hostility and homophobia being blasted at a gay performer who is paying homage to one the GREATEST gay performers in music history.You haters wanna bash Freddie while you’re at it? Why not? Oh yeah, right…You give HIM a “pass” because it IS after all, Mercury…but OTHER gay men are fair game.Who knew homophobia could be so selective? And Steven Anthony? This animosity you’re attracting is not simply because people disagree with you but because you’re so obviously wrong on so many levels and because of the WAY you criticized Mr. Lambert.If you were 1/100th the writer as HE is a singer/performer, you could write a best-seller.
    Instead,you write like a deaf, blind man in a blender. I’m with another poster here who so eloquently suggested that you GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    • Jakob Ross says:

      So, he gave a bad review of a person who just so happens to be gay. That makes him homophobic how? I mean, considering that Mr. Steven Anthony is in fact gay.

  39. anna says:

    Your review is biased and ill informed and reflects that you are not competent to be writing an honest review that reflects the awe and wonder of the 50 plus thousand that attended this concert and was chanting Adam’s name in unison.Eloquence is wasted on you , GO FUCK YOURSELF is what you deserve, your so called career is over.

  40. Jakob Ross says:

    I never knew Glamberts could be such douches. If anyone has an opinion on Adam Lambert that differs from yours, then it’s GOT to be wrong. Do you think Steven wrote this up JUST so he could say this performance sucked? He probably would’ve written it even if he thought it was good. Which it’s not. Adam Lambert doesn’t belong with Queen. And you fans of his don’t belong in front of a computer.

  41. Steve Coy says:

    I love Queen and think Freddie was the greatest singer of all time. I also think Adam Lambert could be a good fit fronting Queen, as he has the talent and embraces the necessary theatricality.

    But this performance sucked. Too much vibrato and melodic freestyling. These are iconic songs, so if you don’t sing the melodies exactly as they are on the record, it’s insulting.

    Maybe he was nervous, but as we saw with Lana Del Rey on SNL, if you’re not ready for the gig, don’t take the gig.

    For my money, the best non-Freddie Queen performance was George Michael’s “Somebody To Love” at the Freddie Tribute concert in ’91. Why didn’t Queen just ask him to front the band?

    • There was talk of GM joining Queen back then but he was going through some personal drama and didn’t feel up to it, if I remember correctly. But yes.. his performance with Queen is one of the best vocal performances I’ve ever heard. Stellar.

  42. Marky says:

    boats and hoes

  43. Millie says:

    Unfortunately, Freddy suffered from the same negative hate at one time. Thank goodness he kept doing his thing and eventually was embraced by most. Thank goodness Adam keeps a positive mind set and continues to give us wonderful performances. His talent is unmatched. In an interview in POland, Roger said Adam has a huge talent and Adam has one voice in one hundred million.

  44. JD says:

    Adam Lambert is OK, but he doesn’t match up to Marc Martel in the tone and quality of his voice, let alone how closely Martel is able to sing like Freddie. (If you think Martel is just an impersonator, you don’t know anything . . . people have been telling Martel for years that he sounds like Freddie. That’s just how his voice naturally sounds.)

  45. JD says:

    I mean, if you look at at Marc Martel singing Bohemian Rhapsody, there’s no comparison. Not only does Martel sing immeasurably better, he plays the piano. And they don’t even have a tape of Freddie singing half the song.

  46. Mateo Yanex 11 says:

    … wow… he just out gayed freddie… on purpose… I’m Sure…. grats

  47. Outsider says:

    It always amazes me how belligerent people become when expressing their opinion in dialogues like this one. Sad really. If you have nothing intelligent and cohesive to say… just say nothing. My god! Anthony is just expressing his opinion. Agree or disagree intelligently.

    Adam Lambert! Huge pipes-YES! Upper range-CRAZY HIGH! Strong energy-YES! I used to be his big fan.  Voted for him on the Idol and thought he had an amazing future ahead of him. And look at him now. What a journey he has had in the last few years! However, not everything he has done has been gold. His music caters to a “slightly” narrower demographics than Freddie’s did. Yes, there are hords of teenagers and young 30-year-olds who follow him, but… his songs are quite mediocre, to be honest and no offense. If he didn’t epatage with his behavior, he would turn to be just another pop singer. In fact, this is what primerily separates Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert apart from other things. Freddie, -even though he lived quite a tumultuous life, – never acted as if his talent entitled him to be the one who can act like he is the chosen one. By all accounts, he was quite a humble guy in fact. Where as Mr. Lambert is quite a notorious individual who thrives on scandal. BUT that’s beside the point. Let’s look at the vocal performance Adam Lambert delivered in Kiev.

    Can Adam Lambert handle a huge crowd? Absolutely. When he is in his element. Now, look at him performing in Kiev. Someone said that he”aced it.” Do you see him constantly adjusting his ear piece as if the feed back doesn’t work well? I used to sing professionally. As based on my humble, very humble, experience, you do that when the sound is not set up well, so you don’t hear yourself well, which could be quite a problem for a singer. You also do it subconsciously when you are not sure of yourself, of your performance. At first, I thought something was wrong with the sound in Kiev and I bought it. Bit then, he did it again in Moscow. And in Poland. Still, it’s not the worst. Lambert doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself on stage: his face is like that one of a bad actor constantly mimicking emotion instead of delivering it with his voice. His voice borders on a shrill. Some of his notes are sharp, some are flat, and some are just plain wrong. Most of the time, he does sound like an amateur singer attempting at singing songs that are way beyond his capacity. Although he can handle them in terms of the vocal range, he sounds like he is pushing too hard and counting measures. On top of it, he can’t just stand still and deliver a song, like Freddie did. “Love of my life” lost most of the word endings. Unless you know the song, you can’t decipher what he is saying. Listen to Freddie, and you will understand the difference. There is so much vulnerability behind every word Freddie is singing. Adam’s version sounds almost mechanical, to the point of careless really. People praise Lambert’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Where is he in the “Bohemian Rhapsody”? You mean the beginning and the end? Sorry to sound harsh, but any drunk in a karaoke bar sings those parts just as well as he did. If it weren’t for the on-screen projections of Freddie used in the song, Lambert would have never pulled of the entire song. His lower range just wouldn’t make it sound legitimate.

    Now, I understand some people blame Anthony for being a homophobe. Where do you, people, get off? Really?! Anthony’s review had nothing to do with Adam’s sexual orientation. Having said that, I can see how Adam Lambert’s sexual preferences can justify his extravagance in terms of his behavior on stage. It’s all good though. He is doing his best. But, in my opinion, and I agree with Anthony, the task is bigger than him this time. And, – YES, – I agree with some people that Marc Martel is a much better choice in terms of doing Freddie justice. NO, he is not a Freddie impersonator. I have seen him live. The other singers in the Queen Extravaganza line up should do back ups only, and even then they can’t do well (Listen to the harmonies in the “Bohemian Rhapsody.”) Marc just needs to release an album on his own, and he will catch up to Adam Lambert in terms of popularity. Yes, he needs to relax a bit and just trust himself to be really great. But it’s a harder task to be accomplished by a Christian boy rather than a gay kid, whose entire life is based on a “strike a pose” kind of approach.

    In the end, it’ s not up to us, friends. “We are mortals.” We would never decide who is the best man to do justice to the incomparable Freddie Mercury. Nor it is about doing him justice, really. It is about Brian and Roger trying to keep it alive for their own sake and make some money for their retirement fund in the process, as someone said here.

    I hope that all of us could come to the same consensus, but, there are as many opinions as there are people. Let’s respect that. Respect each other’s point of view. And feel free to take someone else’s point into consideration instead of spitting vulgarities without offering any constructive argument in exchange.

  48. Simon Gill says:

    I first saw Queen in 1981 in Hyde park and last night I saw Queen in Wroclaw in Poland. Hell no, its not the same as When Freddie sang, but it was still a huge spectaular, it had 40,000 people jumping up and down and singing, it was much in memory, still, of Freddie and it was extremely nostalgic to see the old rockers in action one more time. Screw the critics I had fun! Isnt that the most important element of going to a concert?

  49. Many says:

    Lambert Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a voice how he can hit those notes, My God! Too campy but what a voice!! Boy!

  50. Many says:

    Another one bites the dust by QE (4 singers)

    Another one bites the dust by AL (1 singer)

  51. UK No.1 fan says:

    Lambert is in a different class to Mercury.

    His range way exceeds anything the late front man could ever attain.

    He inhabits that rarified level of vocal acrobatics beloved of Robert Plant, Steve Perry and Miljenko Matijevic.

    Long may such a rare natural talent reign.

    What a joy to see such unbridled brilliance at work.

    I have seen live all of those listed above and this lad stands comparison with any one of them.

  52. Amit says:

    A quick observation – Adam Lambert is a very good singer and has the potential to be a great singer but what he just achieved was reproducing Queen songs as they were designed lyrically and musically. It is another thing to create the music, and that is the most difficult. He did an admirable job but absolutely childish to compare him with Freddie Mercury’s talents. When he creates his own music of this class that stands the test of time, such discussions can be had.

  53. Annette says:

    Go check out 69 short interviews asking attendees, at the Hammersmith Apollo Sat 14th July, their opinions immediately before and most just after the show! I couldn’t help but play every one of them!

    Copy and paste the following into your browser:

  54. Liam says:

    I thought it was an amazing show! This reviewer is a little bit of a wanker.

  55. Cubic says:

    I came here to see a fair review of the concert but this is far from fair.
    To quote Anais Nin:
    It is clear what type of person/people the author and commenters are and without a doubt, some are just plain ugly. It is clear for all to see…

  56. ha ha ha…and the worst part is this self centered Mister Lambert has no Rock Vibes, no Rock showmanship frontman abilities as a perhaps MJ Pop Star HE IS NOT A ROCK STAR ; he has no clue what is Rock of Ages, he has no personal pain and suffering to BE a Rockstar…he is tooooo much sizzle and almost NO BEEF…Freddie was what may I do to GIVE, this loser is “me, me and me…; shall I use Queen as a steppingstone to be the next Mr GA GA or Ba Ba ??” it is all about him…you see when Fred sang his mode of operation was “how can I make this world a better place”…he (Lambert) has a pop voice, NO OPERA, NO DRAMA NO THEATRICALS, NO ROCK VIBRATIONAL MOVES…he may be a great singer, but should NOT be next to Brian the grey hair…LOVE YA ALL !!!

  57. …then why such huge crowds… ? well (1) for the sake of the drummer Taylor and Brian, Ukraine Rocked (NOT for this Lambert Scissor Sister’s sake) (2) desperate Brian since 1991 is trying to find a replacement for Fred…so is it NOW ? are we having fun yet ? (3) long time NO Rock, so even if you, Brian, give me junk I am gonna attend as since Van Halen LOOK MA NO ROCK !!! thus the huge crowd means nothing…CAN YOU PULL THIS BLUFF ON LONDON CITIZENS ???


  59. LEONIE DARGENT says:


  60. FangingKillaDawg says:

    that…was very harsh.

  61. So Sick Of Lambert! says:

    I get soooooo sick of people claiming the Broadway reject has talent! He is awful, plain and simple. I’ve been a huge Queen fan since I was a young child in the 80′s. I love Queen’s live stuff right up until the point that this talent-less hack came in the picture. He is just like most of the other crap that comes from the American Karaoke shows. Kids today have no idea what they force bands with extreme talent to do to stay relevant. Most bands today wouldn’t make it on musicianship alone. They simply can’t pull it off live. They need to look ridiculous to stand out. They tell everybody their sexual preference to get the Ellen effect (I’m gay… i’m cool!). Like we need to know or even care! They can’t play live at all. It’s starting to look like another dead decade for music. I bet only 5 albums come out this year worth listening to. I’m ashamed that music has gotten to the place it’s in. Queen were right where they needed to be with Paul Rodgers. He has a voice that is exquisitely bluesy. Even at his current age, he blows Adam away. He doesn’t scream to make up for being tone deaf and emotionless when singing. How annoying is Adam’s screaming? Adam would only seem at home singing the Vagina Monologues. His crappy over the top voice would seem at home in reference to emotional women’s problems. Queen is a legendary band suffering from a disease called the “Adam Lambert Syndrome” because all the teenie boppers haven’t experienced a great front-man in some time. He isn’t talented enough to wash Freddie’s jock strap! We need to stop the insanity and support(yeah, that means buy/ go see in concert) real musicians. The people with the Queen Extravaganza have a multitude more talent than Adam. There is just so many more better options than him.

  62. Jana Hunt says:

    Would love to take my terminally ill friend to see Adam with Queen in Vegas. Tickets are too hard to come by I am afraid but my heart is in the right place. Best wishes to Queen and Adam on their outstanding concert coming up at the MGM.

  63. David says:

    Came across this by accident, but glad I did. I watched the concerts and Kiev was Adam’s learning curve. Each one got better and by the time he finished London, he definitely showed his chops. Maybe a review of first to last would have been more interesting since Adam was with Queen for 2 weeks before the big gig. Who could have handled that pressure in front of 250,000 critics and Queen fans? And come away with a great deal of acceptance among Queen fans. Adam came through and proved he deserved Brian and Roger’s confidence in him.
    BTW, I twittered you with all your 541 followers. How does that compare to Adam’s 2.5 million followers? The significance of his fanbase sort of takes you on the losing end of those with your opinion! But, opinions are just that and Adam’s road to success certainly didn’t worry him when your critique came out. He criticized Les Miserable the movie, and got lots of feedback. His critique came at a national level because people notice him. You, on the other hand, didn’t get a blip on the radar except for a few fans and haters.

  64. Esme says:

    I came across this ridiculous article by accident, but all I have to all the haters and naysayers is kiss our ass! Herer we are 2014 and Queen has chosen Adam to do a lengthy US and Canada tour, and due to high demand, they have just added 5 more shows to the lineup. Adam never imposed himself on anyone, it was Brian and Rogers choice to bring him back for another round, because they like him, think he is talented, and they have great chemistry on stage. It is their choice, if you don’t like it, then you’re entitled to your own tastes, and don’t buy tickets or Google the performances and then waste your time writing hateful and scathing reviews. No one is forcing this upon you, we all have free will, and if you don’t agree with something or like it, then don’t watch it, it’s as simple as that. In case you missed the press conference, Brian and Roger have basically said the same thing, if you don’t like it, thank you and have a nice day.

    They are100 percent supporting Adam and have taken Adam under their wing. And not to sound like a broken record, but if you don’t like this collaboration, then just don’t go, no one is forcing you to go. Why would you waste your money on buying tickets to a show that you don’t want to go see, and then start writing and bitching how much you hated it, are you just stupid? Who does that? Leave the seats to those of us who are happy and excited about this tour. Adam is a very talented artist, he has a great career, and the best is yet to come. He will blow it out of the water with this third album. Adam and Queen rock!

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