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Neil Young & Crazy Horse Release ‘Oh Susannah’ Music Video

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It was back in March when we told you about Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s first record in nine years – Americana. With the album set to hit stores in a little over a month, Neil and the boys have released a music video for the first single Oh Susannah. An extremely simple video that features old video footage of a family jam session around the wood burning oven, highlights include the young son smoking while throwing down some of the best dance moves we have seen since The Black Keys video for Lonely Boy. You can check it out for yourself down below.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse is scheduled to perform at the 2012 Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco, CA later this summer. To pre-order Americana, click here.


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  1. fmuff says:

    OK, I hadn’t heard much about this album, but from the bits I had heard, I can honestly say I was dreading clicking the play button to finally hear music from it. This premise of old folk songs being forced into the noise that Young and Crazy Horse make worried the hell out of me. I’m not a HUGE Young fan or anything, but most every Crazy Horse album is a prized possession in my music collection. They are intense and original and meandering and textured and raw, so thinking about this collaboration of musicians re-creating American folk standards really hit a sour note. I mean Neil fucking Young singing She’ll Be Comin Around the Mountain!?!

    Then I clicked play. Holy shit that was a subdued firestorm of emotion and nerves, kept at a slow broil. It was everything I should have expected from these guys and I loved it. I guess I should have known that if anyone could capture the American spirit and do it with a buzzsaw instead of an acoustic guitar, it’s Neil Young and Crazy Horse. I’m still a bit wary of the full album, but I’m interested in hearing much much more.

  2. Dellis says:

    thumbs up for the whole album. Each time I listen to it I like it better and better. There are surprises, like “Get a Job” and it’s perfect in context of the whole album. Neil Young and Crazy Horse has produced a very AMERICANA set of music. Jesus’ Chariot is a memorable folk/rock creation, my favorite rendition of Comin’ Round the Mountain.
    Great guitar, superior bass, Neil Young vocals — great combination.

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