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The White Stripes To Reissue ‘Handsprings’ and ‘Red Death’

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According to Third Man Records, that label founded and managed by Jack White, this year’s Record Store Day was chosen to reissue a couple of early singles by The White Stripes.

Handsprings and Red Death at 6:14 are the names of the digged up jams that will see the light of day on April 21st. Both recorded and released back in the year 2000, Handspring was originally on a split-single with fellow Detroit band The Dirtbombs, and also included in issue #19 of Multiball magazine. The bluesy Red Death at 6:14 came out on a Jack White produced compilation called “Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit” (you can bid for a CD copy of it right here) and then released as a single from MOJO magazine.

Third Man Records claims they are “in the mission of reissuing the nuggets of the White Stripes’ back catalog”, so is safe to say we should expect a few more of these in the upcoming months.

If you want to know what Third Man Records have in store for this year’s Record Store Day, you can check this link for the whole list.

Check out Handsprings and Red Death at 6:14 below:

Also have a look at our coverage from Jack White’s triumphant dual-band set at SXSW this year, at which he played several new songs.


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