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Once You Go Black… Ten Bands With ‘Black’ In Their Name

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From the mass produced pop sounds of the Black Eyed Peas to the Dazed and Confused guitar tones of Black Oak Arkansas there are a ton of bands out there with the word Black in their name. Some bands like Black Lab have been all but forgotten while others like The Black Heart Procession never got the respect they deserve. We here at Antiquiet have spent hundreds of thousands of man hours researching bands with the word black in their name, and have compiled the ten best for your titular titillation.

10. Black Lips

The self described “Flower Punk” outfit broke onto the scene in 2003 with their self-titled debut record. The group is known for their G.G. Allin inspired live shows which has been known to feature urine, vomit, pyrotechnics and the occasional chicken. With high profile gigs coming up later this year at both Coachella and Bonnaroo, one must wonder what these mad men from Georgia will do to top themselves?!?!

9. Black Box Revelation

Hailing from Dilbeek Belgium, childhood friends Jan Paternoster and Dries Van Dijck have spent the past year amazing stateside audiences by serving as the opening act for everyone from the Meat Puppets to Beady Eye. The duo’s shameless balls to the wall garage rock (seriously – check it out) may not be overly original but with melodic vocals and hard hitting groves it is impossible not to fall in love with these two upon first listen. The band is currently on the road once again, this time serving as openers for Jane’s Addiction North American tour.

8. Black Grape

Black Grape were just one of the dozens of UK bands whom were completely ignored by American audiences. Formed in 1993 after the demise of Happy Mondays, Black Grape released two full length albums full of funkified Brit-Pop goodness. The band imploded in 1998 due to both financial and medical issues. In 2010 the band’s front man Shaun Ryder reunited the band for a poorly received gig at the Coronet in London, England.

7. The Black Angels

For nearly a decade, The Black Angels have been cranking out dark psychedelic rock and roll jams from deep in the heart of Texas. With three full length records under their belt, the Velvet Underground influenced group has toured the planet winning over fans one gig at a time. Lyrically The Black Angels don’t back down from anyone, questioning everything from Government mind control to the various wars of fellow Texas resident George W. Bush. Next up for the group is a brief California tour built around their appearance at this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

6. Black Crowes

While the height of their fame came in the first half of the 1990’s, The Black Crowes have been making good old fashion rock and roll cool for over twenty years. Perhaps best known for feuding brothers Rich and Chris Robinson, the Atlanta Georgia based band has released nine studio albums while touring the world countless times. Never one to turn down a gig, the band has shared stages with everyone from Motley Crue to Oasis. Having completed a successful anniversary tour in 2010, The Black Crowes are currently on indefinite hiatus.

5. The Black Dahlia Murder

While melodic death metal may sound like a contradiction; The Black Dahlia Murder are one of the few American based heavy metal bands who can be considered the real deal in a day and age of cookie cutter mall core crap. Their latest album, 2011’s Ritual debuted at #31 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts and featured the band’s trademark blast beats and chugging guitars mixed with strings for the first time. From performing an entire tour dressed in Frankie Avalon inspired beach attire to lead vocalist Trevor Strnad’s Heartburn tattoo, no one can deny that The Black Dahlia Murder are the court jesters of the extreme metal world while still being able to make Cannibal Corpse blush with their disturbing lyrics.

4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are an American Rock and Roll band from San Francisco California. You have probably heard them in everything from hit TV shows including Sons of Anarchy to video games like Batman: Arkham City and NBA2K11. Over the past decade the band has created everything from distortion heavy lo-fi rock and roll jams to soft quiet acoustic ballads. While nothing is confirmed, it is rumored that the groups’ seventh full length album will drop sometime in late 2012.

3. The Black Keys

Unless you have spent the past two years living under a rock, you are aware that Dan Auerback and Patrick Carney have gone from indie darlings to arena rockers. From bikini clad women fighting over Frank the Dinosaur to battling Vampire Weekend for Stephen Colbert’s Grammy Vote these two have a sense of humor to go along with their basic yet catchy blues influenced Rock and Roll Jams. The recent Rolling Stone cover boys latest record El Camino was declared the best record of 2011 and 2012 by the Los Angeles Times. With multiple modern rock radio hits, the duo from Akron Ohio are set to appear at the 2012 Coachella Music and Arts Festival as Friday night headliners.

2. Black Flag

Innovators of the late 70’s west coast skate punk scene, Black Flag managed to release six studio albums during their decade of existence. The group featured an ever evolving lineup that featured the likes of Greg Ginn, Keith Morris and Henry Rollins. Even after Black Flag called it a day, Ginn’s SST Record Label went on to release early recordings from such influential acts as the Meat Puppets, Sonic Youth and Soundgarden. With the now iconic black bar logo and songs that question authority and the status quo, Black Flag are as relevant today as they were in the days when Ronald Regan occupied the White House. Late last year a mini Black Flag reunion went down as Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson, and the Descendents’ Stephen Egerton played the Nervous Breakdown EP in its entirety for the Goldenvoice 30th anniversary show in Santa Monica, CA.

1. Black Sabbath

There would be no heavy metal if it was not for Black Sabbath. While hippies were flocking to San Francisco during the Summer of Love, these four blue collared boys from Birmingham England were experimenting with the tritone known as The Devil’s Interval. The track (also called Black Sabbath) opened the door for the group to pursue dark lyrics and other ominous tones. The rest as they say is history. 40 years and many lineup changes later, the original band members have regrouped to work with producer Rick Rubin on their first record of new material since Ozzy Osbourne was fired back in 1979. With cancer and Sharon Osbourne getting all up in the chemistry, however, this celebrated return of the metal giants may go off the rails before it arrives.


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    In the vein of Black Box Revelation, I would suggest Black Pistol Fire

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    Black n Blue, Black Country Communion

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    Black Label Society, Black Light Burns.

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    Blackwater Fever

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