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The Mars Volta’s ‘Noctourniquet’ Album Set For March 27 (Here’s The Tracklist)

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While the big attention-grabber at the moment is At The Drive-In’s reunion, guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s main act The Mars Volta is releasing its sixth album soon. Now, we have its title, tracklist and cover art.

Recent rumors hinted that the new album would be called In Absentia, dropping on March 27th, and confirmed that a new song called Zed And Two Naughts would be out by March 6th. Now, an update on the official Mars Volta site shows that the LP is in fact called Noctourniquet, along with tracklist and cover art:

Noctourniquet is also the title of a song that has already been performed live by The Mars Volta, and we’ve snatched some footage of it for you. In the video, Cedric Bixler-Zavala explains that the title Noctourniquet came from a fictional device that he envisioned – one that would would take a person’s concentrated problems and help conquer them, “stopping the night from coming, leaving nothing but light.” Watch it below:

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We’ve confirmed that Nocturniquet is set for a release on March 27th. Until then, you can listen to most of The Mars Volta’s new material that will (supposedly) be on the new album, found here.


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  1. Action Jackson says:

    What do you mean probably on the 27th? It’s been confirmed for the 27th.

  2. kind of casual with that gun aren’t you? Good way to get someone killed. Just sayin.’

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