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Tool Announces 2012 Shows

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Savvy/obsessive Tool fans got their chakras all in a bunch last week, when Ticketmaster posted two Tool shows for 2012, without any word from the band or publicists. The offerings were short-lived, disappearing as quickly as they came and leaving would-be ticket buyers confused and annoyed.

Silver lining arrived Monday, when the tour dates reappeared on Ticketmaster’s site with confirmed Tool dates. Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many to get excited about:

Jan. 14 at the Reno Events Center in Reno, NV.

Jan 17 at the Tucson Arena in Tucson, AZ

Jan. 18 at the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, NM.

Jan. 24 at the Huntington Center in Toledo, OH.

Jan. 29 at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ,

Deb. 8 at the Gwinnett Arena in Duluth, GA,

Tickets go on sale for the shows starting Dec. 16. Find event details for the shows on Ticketmaster’s website.

Sandwiching these dates is frontman Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer project, who have also announced a stretch of tour dates for next year as a follow-up to their current Conditions of My Parole tour (which is really quite incredible, for those who haven’t seen it). Puscifer’s tour starts Feb. 23 in Austin, Texas, and closes out March 18 in Escondido, CA. Learn more at, and see where Puscifer’s latest ended up on our list of the 20 Best Albums of 2011.




Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Jon says:

    Welcome to the 2012 Tool Cash Grab!! Prepare to pay $45 for a shirt and hear the same set from the last 2-3 years!!

  2. Dallas Observer is reporting a Jan 20th date in Grand Prairie.

    Leave it to Maynard to be selling tickets to two of his bands’ tours on the same damn day. Bastard.

  3. MAD says:

    Needs more Europe.

  4. Cubanpete says:

    No way we see the new album in 2012 now. Bring on May 2013:(

  5. Eric says:

    Shameless cash grab? Ok w/me.
    Haven’t seen them in 4 years due to the same set being played!
    Just change it up a little guys. No more Wings for Marie/ 10,000 days artsy 12 minute jam, por favor.
    Such a talented band, but yet robots when on stage in the last 5 years. Tragic.
    I’m still going though. Hey, it is TOOL…..

  6. zobi says:

    they can play whatever they want, they still put on a great show, setlist is really not a good a reason to pass on this band live.

  7. wtf is your problem? says:

    tool cash grab? please guys i expected more from tools fans(assuming you are im really giving you the benefit of the doubt here) you clearly dont like tool if youre hating on them for playing THEIR songs. personally im tired of people only requesting sober and still calling themselves tool fans, all their songs are genius to me, i really hope they come to europe so i can listen to their “tragic” playlist as you guys called it. its simple: IF YOURE NOT WILLING TO LISTEN TO THEIR SONGS JUST DONT GO. PS: they have a new album coming out on march, consider this as one of the last times they actually get to play their old setlists, aint gonna miss it

    • Eric says:

      For starters: If a new TOOL album is released in March, I’ll eat Maynard’s speedo, post-show.
      If, as a fan, you don’t feel that there’s something generally not right w/the EXACT same setlist played for the last 4 years (few exceptions aside), then I’ve got to question your sanity.
      If you only see them every other year at some Euro-fest playing an hour set, then maybe it’s no big deal.
      But when you have the ability to see them for numerous full-set shows on the same tour, travel to these shows, and your reward is the same set you saw last night, it’s kind of a let down.
      It’s not for lack of material or experience, and we’re not talking a coordinated stage production (think NIN Lights in the Sky tour).
      10 years ago for the Lateralus tour, they played varied sets. That’s all I’m hoping for.
      I’m NOT ‘that guy’ in the crowd yelling “play Sober!”, for the record.
      I’m the guy in the crowd who hopes for an incredibly talented band to challenge themselves and play a show that isn’t a nightly set-in-stone setlist, that’s all.
      And questioning my fan credibility? Grow up.

      • dylsmack says:

        first world problem!
        first of all, if you can even afford to follow tool on tour you have no reason to gripe and moan over the rest of us about the setlist they play.
        i haven’t gotten to see them in years and would happily watch them play whatever the they want.

        • Dan says:

          Eric clearly exempted you (people who don’t have the chance to see the band regularly) when he made his complaint.

          Can has reading comprehension?

  8. Bands playing shows is what they do. Yeah, that’s a cash grab, just like making the fucking french fries is your cash grab when you punch the clock.

  9. Rob says:

    Are you not entertained?

  10. I heard a rumor they are going to play the Green Jello Cereal Killer soundtrack front to back on this tour.

  11. Louis says:

    Heh heh, Green Jello-Now that would be fantastic.

  12. cory hatton says:

    tickets were over 100 dollars for the grand prairie show. fuuuuuck that. I like tool and all but damn.

  13. Cubanpete says:

    Paid $140 Australian dollars to see Tool for the third time at the start of this year. You Americans get them cheap! Setlist had all the regulars plus a couple of suprises. Sure it was not as varied as 2002 but they are mixing it up a little bit more since 2007. You take what you get with Tool.

    Third Eye
    (Salival Version)



    Right In Two

    You Lied

    (Peach cover)








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