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Atmosphere Fights For The Victims in ‘The Last To Say’ Video

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It’s only fitting that we follow up a story on domestic abuse today with a video depicting the struggles of a family broken by the same brand of pain. Atmosphere returns with The Last To Say, the latest video cut from his fantastic The Family Sign album, depicting the inherited cycles of violence & abuse within a family.

As MTV explained when premiering the video, “The father attacking the mother in front of their son leads to the son attacking his wife when he gets older, his son carrying out this behavior, and so on. It’s a painful reminder of the lasting effects of domestic violence.”

Check it out below:

Pick up The Family Sign over at Rhymesayers, and check out our interview with Atmosphere where he discusses his new album. Also remember and the number 866-331-9474 for resources and immediate support for domestic violence issues.


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  1. The new song “IN THE DARK” (A Song For Battered Women) from the newly released Conscious Earth E.P by newly rising email Indie Arist Singer/Songwriter J.D. Smith goes right along with this “LAST TO SAY “video by Atmosphere. J.D. and her Backing Vocalist Sherri Tanner are domestic violence survivors. They met in a safe shelter while escaping abusive relationships and then found that their voices meshed. They started a band got their start in many Athens Georgia venues. J.D. was in the studio for 1 year creating her Conscious Earth E.P and working along side with 2011 Grammy Nominated Producer John Keane who produced R.E.M, Widespread Panic, B 52′s, Indigo Girls, 10,000 Manics, Nancy Griffith etc.. John does an awesome job on all guitar work, along with Keyboard player Randall Bramblett of STEVE WINWOOD and TRAFFIC and Andy Carlson that has done work for R.E.M. on violin and viola. The two women are pushing their music with a cause to raise money for an overcrowded Battered Women’s Shelter in Athens Georgia U.S.A. called Project Safe. They also want raise domestic violence awareness show others that they too can get out of abusiive situations and reach for the stars! You can catch her new Conscious Earth E.P. on iTunes, Napster, CDbaby, Mp3 and MP3. J.D. is now wanting to produce a video to go along with the song. She hopes there will be offers coming her way to make a professional video so it can be released on YOUTUBE. She wants to do this so she can touch people all over the world with her song and encourage others to get out of abusive relationships before it’s too late. Please help spread the word about her new E.P. and ask others to e-mail her if they would like to be involved in her project.
    Full versions of the song can be found at :
    For more info J.D.’s bio and contact info can be found at You can also follow her on
    Twitter @jdsmithmusic

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