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Soundgarden Returns To TV (With Conan)

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Last night’s excellent premiere of Conan O’Brien’s new show on TBS featured Jack White, a man who has been no stranger to late night shows in the past few years. However, for Conan’s second episode, he managed to get an act that’s been away from TV for quite a while: Soundgarden made their first TV appearance in 13 years, performing their “new” song Black Rain, which was written in the 1990s, but only recently finished and released on their compilation album Telephantasm. You can watch that performance right here:

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As solid as the band was playing their reunion-promoting single, something arguably cooler happened off the air: the band also performed Hunted Down, their very first single, on the show. While it was not aired on TV, the video was made available online for our viewing pleasure. Check it out below:

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Soundgarden seems to be in great shape, and Chris is pushing his vocals further than some naysayers expected him too. One can only hope that this reunion will finally result in some actual touring, and perhaps a new album, if it’s not asking much.

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Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. J. says:

    That was sweet. Too bad the shitty mix buried the vocals, but they still fucking slayed it.

  2. Betriz says:

    What’s up with the Hitler mustage?

  3. Ryan Magner says:

    I’m really really sorry, but I think this is really really terrible. I apologize because apparently they are a big deal and I don’t see why. And I can’t help my natural reaction to Cornell’s high pitched wailing and that old man’s cruddy guitar riffs that I learned in 30 seconds by eye.

  4. pupo says:

    Dear Ryan, WTF?? Are you like, 10 years old? Send all of us your music so we can check it out…ALL HAIL SOUNDGARDEN.

    • Ryan Magner says:

      haha. I get this same reaction when I talk about my lack of enthusiasm for Pearl Jam. Maybe I just didn’t grow up in the right era to truly appreciate it. I was in preschool I think when grunge was “the thing”.

  5. zoopster says:

    yes, some actual touring would be fucking grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

  6. EGGY says:

    I’m old. I’ve seen Soundgraden open for GNR in ’92, 94′ tour and Lollapalooza.

  7. EGGY says:


  8. Rob says:

    Big fan of soundgarden, but this didn’t sound too good. Maybe the mixing. Also, Cornell’s trying too hard with hitting the high notes. Sad as it may seem, his better days may be in the past, and only technology could help him sound like he did in the early 90′s.

    Then again, maybe I am asking too much and over analyzing. Oh well, it just didnt pass the smell test for me.

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