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Only ICP Can Make Us Hate Christmas… And Children

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The best news of the year has just arrived – Insane Clown Posse is releasing a brand new Christmas album. Featuring all of their biggest Christmas tracks, the album Holiday Heat is only available by participating in Sugar Slam’s Super Live Toy Drive.

If you come to one of ICP’s upcoming shows and bring along a toy, winter hat, gloves or other warmth-providing good, you can exchange it for the sick new record. Featuring classic yuletide tracks like Santa’s A Fat Bitch and Murdercity Christmas, this group of “Jolly Ass Jams” if the perfect holiday gift for those brewing their own batch of Faygo nog this year.

Below, the Psycopathic Records team explains the promotion in a hilarious video (the “retarded kid playing with his own shit” kind of hilarious). If you don’t have time for nine minutes of a broken meth pipe in the gene pool, Lay Low the Holiday Hatchetman breaks down two simple rules one must follow to participate:

1. “The shit has gotta be worth at least 5 bucks.”

2. “With the tags, fags.”

Simple as that. But the video’s packed full of laughs:

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Yes, Juggalos, all you have to do to get this Holiday Heat album is bring some shit worth five dollars. If that shit is made out of cloth, however, it better have the tags, fags. As Lay Low continues: “Would you want to wear my dirty underwear on your face?”

No, Lay Low, no we wouldn’t.

If you want to participate, by which we mean send ICP bags of dog shit, you may do so by mailing your package to:

Sugar Slam’s Super Live Toy Drive
P.O. Box 620
Farmington, MI 48332

(Seriously though, collecting toys for kids is cool no matter how you package it, so don’t send them feces.)


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Steve Keyes says:

    That video is roughly 45x more than the daily alloted amount of awesome. Michael Jackson would have wanted it that way….

  2. A grosser scene doth not exist. Props to ‘em on this one though.

  3. Rory Biller says:

    Fuckin magnets…how do they work?

  4. EasttaWest says:

    Much love to the whole crew for setting this up

  5. bytchzone says:

    about dam time someone is posting something that promotes the good as juggalos we do .

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